Skull Kid
Skull Kid - HW
Character Information
Majora's Puppet
Ocarina (Tatl & Tael)
Useful Weapon Skill:
VS Termina
Voice Actors:
Sachi Matsumoto
First Appearance: Hyrule Warriors
Playable in Hyrule Warriors Legends. Can be registered into Hyrule Warriors.

Skull Kid (スタルキッド, Staru Kid ) is a reoccurring character from the Legend of Zelda franchise. He made his debut in Ocarina of Time as a side quest character before becoming a major antagonist in Majora's Mask.

He is joined by his two best friends, the fairy siblings Tatl (チャット, Chatto) and Tael (トレイル, Toreiru), who assist him in combat. He is the owner (or perhaps more accurately, possessed by) Majora's Mask, an artifact of dark magical power with a mind of its own.

Players can unlock him by defeating him in the Hyrule Warriors Legends Adventure Mode.

Role in GameEdit

Skull Kid is attracted to Linkle's shiny compass and steals it from her.

Character InformationEdit


Skull Kid was made playable in Legends due to the games development team wanting to include him, and them constantly insisting it happen to the games directors.


In the past Skull Kid was a happy youth, prone to play games with friends or the occasional trick on passing strangers. Once he comes into the possession of the Majora's Mask, he becomes dark and sinister. Under the mask's influence he has a total disregard for the lives of others and will not hesitate to curse people if they do not want to "play with him."

Tatl, the Light Fairy, is very blunt. As Tael's older sister, she constantly worries for him when not in his presence and will often incessantly mother over him. She has no issues standing up to the Skull Kid when he does something she considers stupid.

Tael, the Dark Fairy, is a kind and sweet boy and Tatl's younger brother. He looks up to his sister for support and guidance but can be a bit of a pushover. He is easily pushed aside by Skull Kid when he questions the imp's actions.


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Keys: Y Normal Attack ▲ X Charge AttackA Special TechniqueB Evade


X: Skull Kid summons a puppet, and it does two arm swipes, then swipes both arms apart at the same time before vanishing. Skull Kid can summon up to three puppets.
Y, X: Skull Kid unleashes a dark blast into the air.
Y, Y, X: Skull Kid fires a continuous laser beam from his eyes and does a sweep around him. The trajectory of the beam can be directed with the control stick.
Y, Y, Y, X: Skull Kid tosses several small balls of dark energy in front him, causing small explosions on the ground.
Y, Y, Y, Y, X: Skull Kid summons a large hurricane that sucks and traps enemies in it, then drops a meteor onto them.
Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, X: Skull Kid hovers in the air and forms a large ball of dark energy above him, which sucks in and damages enemies. He then throws it onto the ground, causing a large explosion.
Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y: Skull Kid plays his ocarina to command his fairies to attack enemies, performs a spin attack followed by a short dive, then finishes it by performing a darkness-powered spinning charge forward.
A: Skull Kid uses a dark symbol to rapidly hit the opponent before detonating it.
Focus Spirit + A: Skull Kid dances, then spins and sprays dark energy around himself.
Focus Spirit Finisher: Skull Kid shakes his mask and causes a massive explosion.
Weak Point Smash: Skull Kid has one of his puppets do a spinning attack to the stunned enemy, then unleashes a dark explosion.


Weapon Information (Element: Darkness)
Description: An ocarina that Skull Kid stole. When used, it gives orders to Tatl and Tael to attack. A Strong Attack summons a vicious marionette to appear and attack your foes!
Fairy Ocarina Skill Slots: 1~2
Ocarina - 1st Weapon (HW) Base Attack: 80 1Attack: 88
2Attack: 96 3Attack: 104
4Attack: 112 5Attack: 120
Lunar Ocarina Skill Slots: 3~4
Ocarina - 2nd Weapon (HW) Base Attack: 150 1Attack: 165
2Attack: 180 3Attack: 195
4Attack: 210 5Attack: 225
Majora's Ocarina Skill Slots: 6~8
Ocarina - 3rd Weapon (HW) Base Attack: 280 1Attack: 308
2Attack: 336 3Attack: 364
4Attack: 392 5Attack: 420
Majora's Ocarina + (Legends) Skill Slots: 7~8
Ocarina - 3rd Weapon (HW) Base Attack: 500 1Attack: 550
2Attack: 600 3Attack: 650
4Attack: 700 5Attack: 750
Crackling Ocarina (Legends) Skill Slots: 7~8
Ocarina - 3rd Weapon (HW) Base Attack: 500 1Attack: 550
2Attack: 600 3Attack: 650
4Attack: 700 5Attack: 750
Secondary Element: Lightning

Badge MaterialsEdit

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Badge Materials
Kokiri Sword I
Kokiri Sword II
Kokiri Sword III
Kokiri Sword IV
Stamina Fruit I
Stamina Fruit II
Stamina Fruit III
Digging Mitts I
Digging Mitts II
Digging Mitts III
Din's Fire I
Din's Fire II
Din's Fire III
Hover Boots I
Hover Boots II
Hover Boots III
Fierce Deity's Mask I
Fierce Deity's Mask II

Badge Materials
Empty Bottle I
Empty Bottle II
Empty Bottle III
Hornet Larvae I
Hornet Larvae II
Hornet Larvae III
Nayru's Love I
Nayru's Love II
Nayru's Love III
Goron Tunic I
Goron Tunic II
Goron Tunic III
Zora Tunic I
Zora Tunic II
Zora Tunic III
Magic Armor I
Magic Armor II
Magic Armor III
Sacred Shield I
Sacred Shield II
Sacred Shield III
Mirror Shield I
Mirror Shield II
Mirror Shield III

Badge Materials
Farore's Wind I
Farore's Wind II
Farore's Wind III
Goron's Bracelet I
Goron's Bracelet II
Hawkeye I
Hawkeye II
Beetle I
Beetle II
Whip I
Whip II


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