Skull Knight
Skull Knight (BBH)
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Sword of Thorns
Sword of Actuation
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Skull Knight (髑髏の騎士, Dokuro no Kishi) is a secondary character in Berserk and a non-playable character in BERSERK and the Band of the Hawk.

Skull Knight is an enigma cloaked in mystery who may or may not be a fallen king. What is known for certain is that he is a mighty entity who has the power to distort dimensions and that he opposes the God Hand. It is with his power that he saves Guts, Rickert, and Casca from their first encounters with the Apostles, or the demonic entities of the setting.

He appears at random intervals of the narrative, often to support Guts or to offer words of grim foreboding.


Skull Knight is an ancient wanderer who seems to have intimate knowledge of the world's fantasy origins. While he does hunt Apostles, he appears to have a respectable rivalry with Zodd.

He watches over Guts's adventures and advises the youth, apparently interested in the man's struggle and potential. As the story develops, Skull Knight appears to share many parallels with Guts: both have worn the Berserker Armor, both have had a friendly relationship with witches, and both have wandered alone in their fight against the God Hand.


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Fighting StyleEdit

Skull Knight mainly utilizes a three-hit combo, and whilst spinning can shoot a wave of energy forward. He can also stab the ground and send a shockwave forward. For his Death Blow, Skull Knight sets his sword in his mouth, turns it into the Sword of Actuation, stabs it into the ground and unleashes a powerful wave of energy.

He is the only non-playable character to have a unique Death Blow animation.

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