Soft Machine is one of the songs performed by Japanese two-man unit, COIL. It appears on their eighth single of the same name and their fifth album, AUTO REVERSE.

A shortened version of the song plays during Gitaroo-Man's opening movie. The unit performs both versions of the song.


Lyrics, Composition: Sadayoshi Okamoto
Arrangement: Mitsuhiro Yokota
Imperial Records label

Japanese LyricsEdit

青い君のスケルトン コスチュームの下
ああ モノクロームのポラロイドで写してくれ
Oh baby baby
ゼロだ パワーはゼロだ 
ああ メトロノームの正確さで愛してくれ
Oh baby baby
ああ モノクロームのカラフルさを教えてくれ
Oh baby baby

haruka ginga no umi ni saku cosumosu
hikaru mebiusu
aoi kimi no sukeruton cosuchumu no shita
musuu no laburinsu
karamatteru kore wa nanda?
hamidashiteru sore wa nanda?
toraputteru genin wa yawayarakai kono butai?
aa monokuroomu no poraroido de utsushitekure
soshite jeriibiinzu no karafurusa de kakushitekure
Oh baby baby
ukabu shiroi shatoru yami de tokeru
kashana kapuseru
zero da powaa wa zero da
dakedo bokura wa ikiteyukeru
kininatteru koto wa nanda?
futari tsunagu adabutaa da
dokkingu no toki ni atatakai ano butai
aa metoronoomu no saikakusa de aishitekure
kitto saiboogu wa andoroido to umakuyareru
Oh baby baby
aa monokuroomu no karafurusa wo oshietekure
soshite jeriibiinzu no yawarakasa de aishitekure
Oh baby baby

In a cosmos in a galaxy far, far away
is a shining endless light
Underneath your blue skeleton costume,
are an endless number of labyrinths
What is this tangled down here?
What is that pounding in there?
Is this soft gizmo here causing your confinement?
Ah, project your monochrome polaroid onto me
and hide with me with the colorfulness of jelly beans
Oh baby baby
A slender capsule breaks away within
the darkness of this floating white shuttle
Zip, nada, zilch power
but we are still alive
Is this what's ticking away at you?
Our adapters are connected to one another
with a machine matching the warmth of a docking ship
Ah, love me with the accuracy of a metronome
I know cyborgs and androids can make a tight fit
Oh baby baby
Ah, teach me the colors found in monochrome
and make love to me with the softness of jellybeans
Oh baby baby

English LyricsEdit

Faraway above the milky-way blossoms the universe
Sparkling endlessly
Underneath your costume shining bright
A blue skeleton, countless labyrinths
Tell me anything on your mind
Using this magical connector
And you'll find that you don't wish to find that warmth machine
Oh, go ahead, make love to me
And the mask it frees us free
With your ringlet metronome
And I know without the slightest doubt
the cyborg and android will make the perfect match
Oh baby, baby

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