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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Sophitia Alexandra.

Warriors Orochi 3 UltimateEdit

  • "I am ready to face death itself if need be."
  • "I refuse to allow myself to be beaten in any encounter."
  • "I would like for you to have this. I think you will find it to be most useful."
  • "Thank you. I had faith that you would come through for me."
  • "Hmm... Well, I am sure you will do better next time."
  • "Everything looks delicious. I wish my children could be here to enjoy this feast..."
  • "For the sake of my children, I refuse to be beaten!"
  • "It is because I am a mother that I take up the sword on behalf of my children!"
  • "I cannot let things end like this. I must return home in order to protect my children's future."
  • "I refuse to stop until I have achieved my goal!"
  • "With each step, I find myself that much closer to my destination!"
  • "Perhaps I was a little too rough..."
  • "I vanquish any who would dare to stand in my way!"
  • "I will always remain true to the path that I follow."
  • "I can feel the strength of your conviction. Continue fighting for what you believe in."
  • "Master Sun Jian, you are a True Warrior of the Three Kingdoms."
  • "Lady Nene, you are in possession of seemingly limitless strength."
  • "It is clear that you are the true saint among us."
  • "You are both honest and strong. Power such as yours can cure the ills of this world."
  • "I refuse to bow down before any opponent!"
  • "Nothing in this world surprises me anymore."
  • "Your efforts are simply amazing."
  • "You are as strong as they come."
  • "I am sorry that you had to find me like this."
  • "Thank you. You are truly kind."
  • "I have made up my mind to fight!"
  • "I cannot believe the battle is over."
  • "You are a fierce tiger, Master Sun Jian."
  • "Thank you, Master Sun Jian."
  • "You are very strong, Lady Nene."
  • "Thank you for coming to help, Lady Nene."
  • "Lady Joan, you are pure in heart and soul."
  • "Thank you for coming, Lady Joan."
  • "You are very straightforward, Yinglong."
  • "Thank you for not abandoning me, Yinglong."
  • "Your efforts are simply amazing. Please use your strength to lead us all to victory."
  • "You are as strong as they come. However, please do not try to do too much on your own."
  • "I am sorry that you had to find me like this. I vow to repay the favor someday."
  • "Thank you. I hope to raise my own children to be kind like you."
  • "I have made up my mind to fight! I ask that you retreat now for your own safety!"
  • "I cannot believe the battle is over. However, I am relieved that I did not hurt you."
  • "You are a fierce tiger, Master Sun Jian. I can tell you use those claws to protect your family."
  • "Thank you, Master Sun Jian. I am relieved now that you are here with me."
  • "You are very strong, Lady Nene. I can tell that you fight to protect those you love."
  • "Thank you for coming to help, Lady Nene. You possess an almost motherly instinct."
  • "Lady Joan, you are pure in heart and soul. In fact, you nearly blind me with your radiance."
  • "Thank you for coming, Lady Joan. It feels as if you saved my very soul itself."
  • "You are very straightforward, Yinglong. Try never to lose that spirit."
  • "Thank you for not abandoning me, Yinglong. Although, I always knew you would come."
  • "You are strong in mind and body. I would do well to learn from your decisiveness."
  • "You fight without any sense of hesitation. I hope to achieve such strength someday."
  • "I am grateful for you saving me like this. Please allow me to fight by your side."
  • "I am no longer alone. Now, let us turn the tide against the enemy!"
  • "I refuse to stand down! Even if it means I must face you in battle!"
  • "I thought I was ready for this. However, it was harder to face you than I expected."
  • "I can sense the strength and severity of a father when I see you fight, Master Sun Jian."
  • "We can always count on you, Master Sun Jian. I know your children must be proud."
  • "Lady Nene, you are both kind and strict. As a mother myself, I hope to be more like you."
  • "Your presence brings me a sigh of relief. I feel as if a child before you, Lady Nene."
  • "I can understand why you are labeled a saint. I will never forget the purity of your soul."
  • "Your kindness is all-encompassing. I almost feel as if my sins will be forgiven as well."
  • "Seeing you brings back memories. Memories of the days I spent fighting for what I believed in."
  • "You never give up on your friends. Your emotions are subtle, yet strong nonetheless."
  • "I'm sorry, but I can't back down."
  • "I refuse to be defeated just yet!"
  • "Defeat is not an option for me. I must dig deeper and find renewed strength!"
  • "Show me the strength that a father possesses!"
  • "So this is the Tiger of Jiangdong... Your power comes from being the patriarch of the Sun family."
  • "I realize just how strong you are. As a mother to my children, I must give my all as well."
  • "Let us both fight to protect those that we love."
  • "Your strength is amazing, Lady Nene. It clearly stems from your role as a mother."
  • "As a mother myself, I refuse to be beaten. I must deliver victory to my beloved children."
  • "I would very much like to witness the purity and strength that you possess."
  • "You are pure, kind and strong. Those are the traits of a true saint."
  • "I am no longer a saint. However, I will continue to fight for the sake of my family!"
  • "I am sure there are many things that you should be doing."
  • "I do not understand. Why do you not use your strength for more noble purposes?"
  • "I wish to save you from yourself. That is why I will give this fight my all!"
  • "I do not want us to hurt each other, but I fear I have little choice."
  • "Very well. I will fight for the sake of my children."
  • "I feel the same way. That is why I refuse to back down!"
  • "I am afraid you will never understand the reason why."
  • "It would be my honor to do so."

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