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Speed (速) is a character class introduced in the Warriors Orochi series that is represented by the color blue. Speed characters are generally considered to be thrifty Musou spenders with weak durability. If two or more speed characters perform a Musou Chain, the last character will gain an automatic Agility boost.

Characters using this type have two different Type Actions known as Combination Arts (R1 or direction + R1; respectively referred to as "Art 1" and "Art 2"). They have little-to-no visual cues when used and may or may not consume a small amount of Musou depending on the character.

These characters also gain an Air Dash ability localized as the "Aerial Thrust" (or "Midair Dash" in Japanese; X when the character is airborne) with brief invincibility, and the natural ability to jump cancel their charge attacks and Type Actions alike for lengthy combos (known simply as the "Jump Cancel" in Japanese, or localized as the "Aerial Escape"), but not all of their charge attacks and/or Type Actions can be cancelled through this.

However, also tying into their aforementioned weak defenses, their Type Actions mainly through their general Musou consumption, usually have a smaller overall damage output as a trade-off in comparison to Type Actions from another character type. Said Type Actions also focus more on quick execution and/or extra range.

Warriors Orochi 2 omits combos of consecutive Combination Arts, where their Art 2 can no longer be cancelled into their Art 1. Warriors Orochi 3 instead limits Speed types to one R1 Type Action that will always consume Musou for each one, though the amount is still lowest per usage. The said title also decreases the horizontal momentum of their air dashes, as well as no longer being able to cancel jumping charge attacks. All Dynasty Warriors Speed-types also use their air dash animations from Dynasty Warriors 7 in the third installment.


Those listed below belong to this class.

Warriors Orochi 3 Speed Icon

Warriors Orochi 3Edit

The characters listed below belong to this type. It will only list the new character affiliations.


  • In the third installment, Wang Yuanji is the Jin kingdom's only Speed-type character, which makes the said kingdom have the least amount of Speed-type characters in the roster.

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