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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Sterkenburg Cranach.

Warriors Orochi 3 UltimateEdit

  • "I shall carry on by my honor as a knight!"
  • "This battle will forever be engrained in my memories."
  • "If you can use this to your advantage, then I would like for you to have it."
  • "I am impressed. I will be sure to ask for your assistance again."
  • "Well, I hope you will perform better next time."
  • "Hmm... It is difficult for me to adjust to scenes like this. As such, I may look more stern than I normally do..."
  • "The enemies from the other day were much too weak for my tastes. I would like to fight somebody that can provide me with a challenge."
  • "This is what I have been in search of all this time... The feeling I get as a knight when fighting a worthy opponent!"
  • "My efforts in battle the other day were rather unsightly. I must rededicate myself to my training."
  • "As a knight, I shall never know the taste of defeat!"
  • "I still have much to learn in my quest to become stronger."
  • "My opponents were weak. This victory is nothing to be proud of."
  • "I'll beat back any foe that stands in my way."
  • "Witness how a true knight does battle!"
  • "Your efforts in battle are worthy of a true knight!"
  • "Princess, you are a True Warrior of the Three Kingdoms... I must step up my own efforts."
  • "Master Huang Gai, you are a True Warrior of the Three Kingdoms. You would make an excellent knight!"
  • "Master Yoshimoto, your kemari skills are unparalleled throughout this land!"
  • "Motochika, your rebellious spirit knows no equal!"
  • "The real battle is just getting started!"
  • "I could not ask for a better opponent than myself to address my weaknesses."
  • "Your might is impressive."
  • "You are performing incredibly well."
  • "I am ashamed that you had to save me."
  • "I must thank you for coming to help."
  • "I will fulfill my duty as a knight."
  • "I cannot believe that I lost..."
  • "Princess, please do not push yourself too hard."
  • "Princess, leave me here to die!"
  • "Master Huang Gai, your refined techniques are awe-inspiring."
  • "Forgive me, Master Huang Gai."
  • "I am impressed by your kemari, Master Yoshimoto."
  • "Thank you, Master Yoshimoto."
  • "You have my respect, Motochika."
  • "Thank you for your help, Motochika."
  • "Your might is impressive. I will endeavor to protect you to the best of my ability."
  • "You are performing incredibly well. I am excited to see your continued growth."
  • "I am ashamed that you had to save me. I should be the one protecting you."
  • "I must thank you for coming to help. However, I am sorry to have made you worry."
  • "I will fulfill my duty as a knight. That means even my friends will be shown no mercy!"
  • "I cannot believe that I lost... It is clear that I still have much to learn."
  • "Princess, please do not push yourself too hard. I do not wish to see you in danger."
  • "Princess, leave me here to die! I do not want you to risk your own life for my sake!"
  • "Master Huang Gai, your refined techniques are awe-inspiring. I must learn from your example."
  • "Forgive me, Master Huang Gai. I am embarrassed to find my training to be so lacking."
  • "I am impressed by your kemari, Master Yoshimoto. I could never hope to match your grace."
  • "Thank you, Master Yoshimoto. I can feel the spirit that your people possess."
  • "You have my respect, Motochika. I do not understand your instrument, but it sounds beautiful."
  • "Thank you for your help, Motochika. In my world, you would make a fine knight indeed."
  • "Not only are you noble, but strong as well. I am honored to have met somebody like you."
  • "I enjoy watching you grow stronger. I must work hard to ensure you do not surpass me."
  • "You are here to help me? Your heart is a most noble one indeed!"
  • "You rushed to my side as soon as you sensed there was danger. You are the perfect knight!"
  • "My friend... Long have I waited for the day to test ourselves in battle."
  • "I will need to continue training myself. I could not stand to lose to you again."
  • "Such impressive strength! I suppose it is only natural for a warrior princess."
  • "You are here to help me, Princess? Accept my apologies, but know that I am most grateful."
  • "I strive to follow your example, Master Huang Gai! Your lord is always well-protected with you around."
  • "Thank you, Master Huang Gai. Your gallant figure is the very reflection of a knight."
  • "Kemari possesses incredible depth, Master Yoshimoto. I must strive for such elegance in my own movements."
  • "I see you have come to help me, Master Yoshimoto. Do you mind if I take this chance to observe your kemari skills?"
  • "I feel as if I share your rebellious spirit, Motochika. I really do."
  • "Thank you for coming to my aid, Motochika. I look forward to hearing your violent melodies up close."
  • "You're facing me in battle now!"
  • "Hmm... You're not a bad fighter. Not if you can put me on the defensive like this."
  • "Very well. It is time I showed you what I am really capable of."
  • "Princess?! Please stop this at once!"
  • "Urgh... You are so strong. Am I destined to repeat the mistakes of my past?"
  • "I refuse to be defeated by those I am supposed to protect. On my honor as a knight, I will not lose again!"
  • "Master Huang Gai, I wish to test your abilities as a knight!"
  • "Ahh... This is the strength that I was seeking! Master Huang Gai, you are a paragon of knighthood!"
  • "As one knight to another, I cannot let you beat me! I ask that we both give our all in this encounter!"
  • "Master Yoshimoto, today we shall duel with our blades rather than a kemari ball."
  • "I expect to lose to you at kemari, but not in a battle of blades!"
  • "I refuse to back down. Now you will see how a true knight wields his blade in battle!"
  • "There is no need for words. Come, Motochika!"
  • "I too, can hear the screams of my soul. Truly, our conversation is best suited to the battlefield!"
  • "I like the sound of this rebellious melody. Get ready as my knight's code strikes at your very soul!"
  • "I cannot show you any mercy, so please do not hold it against me."
  • "I do not wish to quarrel with you, but if this is what you truly desire..."
  • "Actually, I am not so young anymore..."
  • "I am not very confident in my abilities, but I shall give it a try."
  • "Stand and face me, Motochika. Perhaps we will be able to communicate better than with words alone."

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