This page shows the starting positions for every level in the Game Boy version of Stop That Roach!.


Icon Actions & Items Effects
Walk Icon (STR) Walk Allows the player to walk through five squares.
Jump Icon (STR) Jump Startles nearby cockroaches by jumping.
Pass Icon (STR) Pass Causes the player to immediately end their turn.
Slipper Icon (STR) Slipper Kills a cockroach adjacent to the player's location. The most common weapon available.
Broom Icon (STR) Broom Kills a cockroach within five squares of the player's front view. Cannot be used in front of obstacles.
Spray Icon (STR) Spray Kills a group of cockroaches within 4 squares in front of the player. Can be used to attack roaches behind obstacles.
Trap Icon (STR) Normal Trap Sets up a trap to eliminate up to three cockroaches. Cannot be placed near foods.
Trap 2 Icon (STR) Improved Trap Similar in function to regular traps, but stronger and slightly different in appearance. Can hold up to six cockroaches at a time.


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