Sun Luyu
Sun Luyu (DWB)
Character Information
Force(s): Wu
Weapon Type: Flute
Unit Type: Young girl
First Appearance: Shin Sangoku Musou Blast
Historical Information
Real name:
Sūn Lǔyù
Chinese name:
孫魯育 - 孙鲁育
Also known as Princess Zhu or Xiaohu (小虎, literally: "Small Tiger").

Sun Luyu (onyomi: Son Roiku) is the youngest daughter of Wu Emperor Sun Quan. She became embroiled in a political dispute with her older sister Sun Luban who framed her for conspiring against the regent Sun Jun, leading to her execution.

Her design theme in Blast is meant to evoke the image of a young girl with a doll-like expression. In contrast to Sun Luban, she is given her father's style of outfit and her mother's hair.

Role in GamesEdit

During the Atelier Quest Board collaboration event in Shin Sangoku Musou Blast, Sun Luyu and her sister take in Totori under their protection some time after the alchemist's arrival to the Three Kingdoms era. Rorona, who had been searching for Totori this whole time, inquires of her companion's whereabouts to the Wu forces at Dongxing. Initially mistaking Rorona as a kidnapper, Sun Luyu bars her path to protect their guest. She eventually apologizes once the misunderstanding has been cleared up.

She makes her debut as a recruitable officer in the twelfth Romance of the Three Kingdoms title. While she is mostly suited for intellectual or political tasks, her stats are slightly inferior to her sister's. The game lists her birth and death years as 204 and 250 respectively.

Historical InformationEdit

Sun Luyu was the second offspring of Sun Quan and his favorite wife, Lady Bu. Like her sister, she married two men throughout her lifetime. Her first husband, the scholar Zhu Ju, was fooled into commiting suicide for supporting Sun He. Through him, she gave birth to Lady Zhu who would eventually become empress dowager. Her second husband was Liu Zuan, a vassal of the Sun family.

She opposed Sun Luban's efforts to oust Sun He as their father's successor in favor of Sun Ba, causing the court to split into two opposing factions. Not wanting a succession crisis in his hands, Sun Quan ended the feud by banishing Sun He and ordering Sun Ba's death by suicide. When Sun Ying and Sun Yi staged a failed coup d'état against Sun Jun in 255, Sun Luyu was accused as one of the ringleaders by her sister. She was executed for treason and buried at Shizigang.

According to the Book of Wu, Sun Hao employed two shamans to find Sun Luyu's grave in hopes of reburying her. They supposedly encountered a female spirit who led them to an unmarked burial site. Upon opening the grave, it was discovered that the interred body and the reported spirit matched the late Sun Luyu's description.