Sangokushi 12~13 portrait

Sunshi (孫氏, onyomi: Sonshi) is Koei's original nickname for Lady Sun (孫夫人, onyomi: Sonfujin), one of Sun Ce's daughters and Lu Xun's wife. Not much was historically written about her.

Before her marriage, Sun Ce and Lu Xun's families shared antagonistic ties for one another due to the former's invasion of the south. Wanting to gain their support for his reign, Sun Quan arranged for the marriage after his brother's death to make peace with the prominent Lu family. Another source states that their betrothal was due to Sun Quan being impressed by Lu Xun slaying a group of bandits. She later gave birth to Lu Kang.

Role in GamesEdit

She appears as a character in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series; like many other female officers, she debuted in the series's eleventh title. Her stats trend more towards political endeavors rather than military affairs.


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