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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Susano'o.

Warriors Orochi 3Edit

  • "Leave it to me."
  • "Hmm. Well done everybody!"
  • "Witness the strength of Susano'o!"
  • "These results are nothing for one as mighty as myself!"
  • "Behold! This is the true extent of my power!"
  • "You can have this. I figure you can get as much use out of this as anybody."
  • "Ahh, I love seeing officers of ability in action."
  • "Is that the extent of your strength?"
  • "I eliminated many officers in the last battle. Of course, it's only natural; I am not boasting."
  • "These humans are a foolish species not to take me to battle more often."
  • "Leave everything to me. I shall protect you all from harm."
  • "Perhaps I should try the humans' wine, just for interest's sake..."
  • "Nothing can stand before the storm!"
  • "Observe! This is peerless might! This is the power of Susano'o!"
  • "Be proud! None are worthy to stand at your side!"
  • "Nezha, you have finally obtained ultimate power."
  • "Kaguya, the quiet moon, yet holds within her unrivaled power."
  • "Da Ji, you wreak havoc like no other."
  • "Seeking the strong has only made you the strongest. That is your karma, Orochi."
  • "None can contain the storm... Just who is this foe?"
  • "The world does not require two of me!"
  • "Complacency is now your only foe."
  • "Your raw skill yet requires forging."
  • "I require no aid."
  • "Quite unnecessary, I assure you."
  • "If you feel no fear, then fight me!"
  • "It might have been luck, but still, you defeated me..."
  • "You are my most trusted lieutenant, Nezha."
  • "Nezha? I shall allow your aid."
  • "How brave."
  • "Use your strength on mortals, not on me."
  • "Keep yourself under control."
  • "Saved by Da Ji. Just what are you planning?"
  • "Impressive, but still one of your lesser feats."
  • "Have you come to laugh at my peril?"
  • "Be not complacent, but ever strive for improvement. You can achieve even more in battle, I assure you."
  • "You have some skill, but it is yet unrefined. Remain diligent in improving yourself."
  • "I require no aid, but you, at least, will not get in my way."
  • "Do you truly believe this to be necessary? ...Very well. Support me."
  • "Swallow your fear and fight! The full force of the storm shall stand before you!"
  • "You were lucky, certainly, but you still defeated me... Unless this is your true strength..."
  • "You are my right-hand man, Nezha. How could I fight without you?"
  • "Nezha? I shall allow you to aid me. Support me well."
  • "How brave. I shall show my bravery too, soon enough."
  • "Use your strength to help mortals, not me. Although I appreciate your concern."
  • "Keep yourself under control, if you can! Your powers are too much for mortals to handle."
  • "Saved by Da Ji. Just what are you planning? ...No matter. Support me."
  • "Impressive, yet hardly your greatest feat. You have become too strong, Orochi."
  • "You are here to mock me? If it is to lend aid, it is most out of character."
  • "Continually praising you might be too much, but... well done."
  • "How impressive you are! I greatly enjoy watching you fight!"
  • "With your aid nothing can stand before us. Let us take back this battlefield!"
  • "You are worthy of my faith. I entrust you with my back!"
  • "I cannot wait to fight you! Come, face the storm!"
  • "Against you, defeat was always a possibility..."
  • "Your strength approaches my own... which is the greatest compliment I can give."
  • "My gratitude, Nezha. I know I can show weakness to you."
  • "Excellent work, Kaguya. Do not push yourself too hard, however."
  • "Kaguya... then allow me to accept your kindness, graceful lady."
  • "You shine brightest amid the chaos of battle. I cannot help but watch you."
  • "I accept your support. You are worthy of that degree of trust."
  • "Have you found the mighty warrior you seek, Orochi?"
  • "With our powers combined... all worlds may bow before us."
  • "I desire a match with you."
  • "So, you have injured me. Well done."
  • "I am thrilled to have met an opponent I can fight without holding back."
  • "Let us see just how strong you really are."
  • "Wonderful. You have improved remarkably."
  • "Now that I'm warmed up, let us take things to the next level, Nezha."
  • "Stay away from people, Kaguya."
  • "I cannot believe this is Kaguya I'm facing."
  • "The source of your power intrigues me. Stay with me a bit longer."
  • "I've been searching for you, Da Ji. You're mine now."
  • "You are the source of this disaster. I won't let you escape."
  • "I can't believe I have to use my full strength against a mere demon..."
  • "There is no one stronger than me."
  • "No human can handle this immense power."
  • "Come with me, Orochi. Soon, this will all be over."
  • "Your courage is admirable."
  • "Know your place."
  • "I shall use as much effort in fighting you as you deserve."
  • "Before you can do anything, your arms and legs will be smashed."
  • "Your compassion leads you astray."
  • "You'll need to fix your body again when we're through, you know."


  • "Nezha, I wish for you to utilize that strength of yours by my side."
  • "Impressive work, Nezha."
  • "You are here to save me, Nezha?"
  • "Impressive work, Nezha. You would be perfect as my right-hand man."
  • "You are here to save me, Nezha? I always knew I could rely on you."
  • "Yes, Nezha... I truly believe that your strength shall one day surpass even my own."
  • "I never thought that I would need to be saved by you, Nezha. Indeed, you have grown considerably."
  • "Nezha, come and join me as my right-hand man."
  • "I know you are capable of more. Show me the inner strength you possess."
  • "Impressive. Now, I want you to step up your efforts even further."
  • "You wish to test your strength against me? In that case, you better give it everything you've got."

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