Sweet Ange
Developer(s): Ruby Party
Publisher(s): Koei
Release Date: Flag of Japan: December 17, 1999
Genre: Board game
Game Modes: Single-player
Ratings: CERO: CERO A Rating
Platform(s): Game Boy,
Game Boy Color

Sweet Ange (スウィートアンジェ) is the second Angelique digital board game. It is a light parody of the first two Angelique games. Ruby Party members later stated that their goal for this title was to create an "original portable Angelique experience" aimed for their initial target audience.

Shinko Katsurasaki did the character designs and illustrations.


Sweet Land is the main setting. It is renowned for being the paradise of desserts, standing tall with its one hundred year pedigree of legendary pâtissières. Simolny Academy, a school located at this place, is famous for teaching many of the island's finest bakers. Each year the school holds the Rose Contest; the winner of this contest receives the honor of being the greatest baker of the land. The player can choose to play as one of the four contestants. She must work to boost her popularity with the nine assistants, the Sweet Knights, as she competes for the grand Simolny Cosmos prize.


The player can change their protagonist's name once they have selected one (maximum five characters). The other characters keep their default names in the competition. Angelique Limoges is called by her first name; Angelique Collet is addressed by her last name.

Menus are more visual with icons assigned to each option for simple identification.

Name Description
Sweetange-menu-homeec Home Economics
Create sweets. Talk to Dia to learn about the school or purchase basic recipes. When the protagonist is ready to be judged for their entries in the contest, they must talk to Dia.
Sweetange-menu-shop Shop
Purchase/sell ingredients. Can only shop for basic ingredients for whatever recipe is obtained
Sweetange-menu-info Information
Look up gathered ingredient cards, recipes and character profiles. Updates data about the Sweet Knights.
Sweetange-menu-town Town
Stroll the streets with a Sweet Knight. Board game aspect.
Sweetange-menu-save SAVE
Save or load data. Includes an option to instantly return to the title screen after saving.
Sweetange-menu-class Classroom
Chatting with other students for hints. Needed to unlock other Sweet Knights.
Sweetange-menu-smarket Sweet Market
Put baked items for sale at one of the Sweet Knight's venues. Check popularity of items with each knight or chat with them to build affinity with the protagonist. May give extra sweets as a present.

The main goal of the game is to put the protagonist's confectioneries on sale and earn the island's popularity each turn. Profits (♥) are counted after the protagonist completes a board game session in the town (Shopping Bag icon). Whoever has gained the most profits and presents the best snack and drink is deemed the winner of each preliminary round.

When the protagonist wishes to go to town, she must be escorted by one of the Sweet Knights and must take at least one other contestant with her. Each knight has their own board game map, and each offers their own unique ingredients/recipes.

The player can move by stopping a spinning number roulette (1~15 spaces). They can be given items to use to help their progress; their functions are explained within the in-game menu. If a crossroads is reached, the player must select the direction they wish to proceed to end their turn. An option to quit any time can be accessed by pressing Start. Each space on the board has a different effect for the person who lands on them. Here is a legend:

Name Description
Sweetange-townspace-start Start Beginning space. Cannot revisit after leaving.
Sweetange-townspace-none None
No effect.
Sweetange-townspace-happen Happening
Randomly punishes or rewards players. Penalties may instantly warping character to a different section of the board or skipping their next turn. Rewards may have character give 5~10% of their hearts to other characters or gain x more movement.
Sweetange-townspace-ingred Ingredient
Gain a random main, base or decoration ingredient. If the protagonist has the Selection Item (allows players to choose their category) it will activate automatically.
Sweetange-townspace-info Information
Receive tips and character facts from a Sweet Knight. If the protagonist lands on the final information space on the board, he will reward her with a recipe exclusive to that space. Landing on it a second time replaces the reward with hearts.
Sweetange-townspace-lottery Lottery
Match the protagonist's heads in three tries to obtain a reward. Rewards include rare ingredients, recipes, ingredients and/or hearts.
Sweetange-townspace-star Star
Increases the quality rating of a random ingredient card by 1 .
Sweetange-townspace-love Love
Escorting Sweet Knight walks with the protagonist. He will ask questions, present trivia and give random gifts at the start of the protagonist's turn. Higher affinity ratings increases the length of his company. If another protagonist lands on the same space, he will walk with her instead.
Sweetange-townspace-treasure Treasure
Whoever lands on it first can open it and win hearts, ingredients or recipes. Effect is null after the box is emptied.
Sweetange-townspace-goal Goal End space. Reaching this space completes the board game sequence.

Sweet Knights judge each contestant's creations. Their personal food preferences affects their grading; they will reward more points to dishes they like. If they are affectionate towards one character, they will reward them an assorted number of bonus points to their grade. Choosing to frequently visit their shop and give multiple presents to a Sweet Knight may unlock their personal ending.



Self-explanatory. If the game has been completed once, the player can continue playing from their clear data endlessly.

New GameEdit



Love Horoscope - Enter two birthdays for a brief compatibility rating and accommodating dessert recommendation.
Original Melody - Compose, listen, and save songs using Nintendo sound files.
Communicate - Send and receive text messages and photos with fellow players. Trading options for recipes and ingredient cards are available.


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One guidebook and one message collection book was published. Free samples of the four panel comics anthologies published by Koei can be read online at Gamecity.

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