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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Taigong Wang.

Warriors Orochi 2Edit

  • "The one, the amazing, the powerful... me!"
  • "The bait has been taken."
  • "Watch your feet!"
  • "This is stupid!"
  • "Out of the way!"
  • "Remember this!"
  • "Crazy!"
  • "The finale!"
  • "I do not know the meaning of defeat."
  • "It is time."
  • "Victory, as usual."
  • "I am Heaven's warrior!"
  • "I am forced to recognize your worth, human."
  • "You are a warrior indeed!"
  • "Truly well done!"
  • "Ah, well done. Better than I had expected."
  • "I must praise your hard work!"
  • "I cannot believe this! This should be simple!"
  • "I thank you for your aid!"
  • "Well done! My thanks!"
  • "You shall regret coming here!"
  • "I have no time to waste on you!"
  • "Beaten? Me? It can't be!"
  • "There are none who can match Fu Xi for strength!"
  • "Just as I expected!"
  • "Together, there are none who can stand against us!"
  • "There are none in this human world that can stand against Nu Wa."
  • "And now my plans shall be realized."
  • "I can do this myself. Yet, if you wish to aid I will not say no."
  • "Ah, General. You are a true Dynasty Warrior."
  • "General, the heavens are shining on you today."
  • "General, I must offer my thanks for your aid."
  • "So that is how a true Dynasty Warrior fights?"
  • "I see. Truly inspired planning."
  • "Together we can carve a path from even this predicament."
  • "Let us see if you are as strong as you think you are."
  • "I will return!"
  • "I should have stayed in my own realm..."
  • "It is time to settle things once and for all."
  • "A tie. We shall do this again later."
  • "Cold and cruel. That's my girl."
  • "You didn't really think you could escape me, did you?"
  • "Enjoy your remaining time while you can."
  • "What? Me lose to Da Ji?"
  • "Wukong! Shall I send you back to the mystic realm as well?"
  • "I do not waste my time on monkeys!"
  • "I am less than a monkey?"
  • "Indeed... Your dance is as magnificent as I have heard."
  • "San Zang, I find myself mesmerized by your enchanting beauty."
  • "San Zang... I am relieved to see you here alongside us."

Warriors Orochi 3Edit

  • "This is nothing for an omnipotent being such as myself!"
  • "With me in the fight, the outcome was never in doubt."
  • "Just leave this battle to all-mighty beings such as myself!"
  • "Rejoice in this victory, but know that I did not show my true strength."
  • "With an omnipotent being such as myself, victory was never in doubt."
  • "I would like for you to have this. It is clearly too good for most people, but you are an exception."
  • "Hehe... Those were some most impressive results. I see you were able to live up to my lofty expectations."
  • "You failed... It looks like I failed to understand just how incompetent you are."
  • "Hehe... I overwhelmed many officers in the last battle. Of course, it is nothing for an omnipotent being like myself!"
  • "Recently, I have been inexplicably kept from going to battle. It is foolish not to use an all-powerful being like myself."
  • "Hehe... Lately, I have been in numerous battles. Of course, given my abilities, I can see why I am chosen."
  • "I am sure you will enjoy this party with me. Why? Because I know everything and am capable of anything! Haha..."
  • "Victory, as usual."
  • "I am a True Warrior of the Mystic Realm! None can even compare with me."
  • "Your skills are worthy of my praise!"
  • "You are far inferior to me in every way... But I suppose you are good enough to be dominant in this world."
  • "Even I must admit it is impressive that you can fight like that even though you're not a warrior, Kaguya."
  • "That's enough, Fu Xi. I'm sure they know by now how strong we Mystic Realm inhabitants are."
  • "Now they've really gone and upset her. I almost feel sorry for them."
  • "Me, struggling? Impossible..."
  • "Even if you are really me, you still cannot defeat me as I am now."
  • "You're a spirited one."
  • "Wonderful, truly wonderful."
  • "I gratefully accept your help."
  • "Thank you for your help."
  • "Surely you know you cannot defeat me?"
  • "This isn't over yet!"
  • "Your prowess is formidable."
  • "A devil, saving a mystic."
  • "Kaguya, have you been influenced by the way the humans fight?"
  • "I must have fallen greatly if you are the one to save me, Kaguya."
  • "What a tiring way to fight."
  • "Come, Fu Xi, hurry and save me from this predicament."
  • "As cold as ice, Nuwa!"
  • "So, you've come to laugh at me, Nuwa?"
  • "You're a spirited one. I do hope you'll leave me at least a few foes."
  • "Wonderful, truly wonderful. You may be the only one who can live up to my expectations."
  • "I gratefully accept your help. Let us vanquish these fools together."
  • "Hahaha... Thank you for your help. I shall leave the battle against these ruffians in your hands."
  • "Surely you know you cannot defeat me? I thought you at least knew better."
  • "This isn't over yet! I will never accept defeat!"
  • "Your prowess is formidable. With your strength and my intellect, we would be invincible."
  • "A devil, saving a mystic. This seems far-fetched, even in this fantastic world."
  • "Kaguya, have you been influenced by the way the humans fight? You know you aren't suited for battle."
  • "I must have fallen greatly if you're here to save me, Kaguya."
  • "What a tiring way to fight. You would do well to learn how to use your head, like me."
  • "Come, Fu Xi, hurry and save me from this predicament. Your strength is useless without my intellect."
  • "Both your face and your form are as cold as ever, Nuwa."
  • "So, you've come to laugh at me, Nuwa? Well, too bad. The situation is just about to change."
  • "Your fangs are as sharp as they've ever been. I shall have to keep an eye on you."
  • "My expectations for you far exceed this."
  • "Thank you for coming. With you here, escape should be easy."
  • "I knew you would come. Perhaps this is what humans call a "bond"."
  • "You know all about my vast wisdom, yet you still wish to challenge me?"
  • "Not even I have won all my battles. Especially not against one such as you."
  • "I shudder to think if that incredible power were ever turned for evil... I must stay by his side to see that it is not."
  • "You truly are considerate of others. I can guarantee that, having known you for so long."
  • "Battle is beginning to suit you, Kaguya. You grow more skilled every day."
  • "Good of you to notice, Kaguya. I'm glad I took the time to teach you the particulars of battle now."
  • "I admit... I will never beat you in a battle of strength, Fu Xi."
  • "You certainly took your time, Fu Xi. I hope you're ready to make up for it."
  • "Neither human nor demon is fit to fight you, Nuwa. Indeed, perhaps I am the only one who is."
  • "Thank you for your help. Though it would be nice if you acknowledged my gratitude."
  • "Do you know how rare it is for me to do this in person?"
  • "You can resist my mystic arts? I cannot even attempt to hide my surprise."
  • "If you think that is all I am capable of, that would be an egregious error."
  • "You have become reckless with your power. Keep it under control."
  • "That demonic side of yours has reared its ugly head. At this point, only I can stop you."
  • "You are like Orochi in mind, but not in soul. That is why I must turn you away from this path of destruction!"
  • "It is hard to believe I must wage battle against you."
  • "I hope you are not cheating by controlling time to give yourself an advantage."
  • "I am all-powerful and all-knowing. I cannot lose. Can you endure the full onslaught of my mystic arts?!"
  • "When you are all-powerful and all-knowing, it is hard to lose any battle."
  • "I do not like my odds in a test of strength."
  • "Should I tap into my wisdom and fight my way back?"
  • "Now for the long-awaited climax. I have conserved my mystic powers to unleash them all in this instant!"
  • "You will never call me "boy" ever again!"
  • "What is that cruel look for? The suffering I deal you will warp that face of yours!"
  • "You have treated me like a child long enough. I have saved a special trick just to bring you down!"
  • "I have no reason to fight you, but I will be a good sport and accept."
  • "How reckless these humans can be."
  • "I heard you are the distant relative of a great strategist."
  • "So be it, I will send you back to the Mystic Realm without delay!"
  • "Are you not well aware of what I am capable of?"
  • "This rod is not for fish - it is for catching the means of your demise."


  • "Ahh, I am impressed. Your abilities are perhaps unequaled in the human realm."
  • "Your movements are most interesting, despite you being human."
  • "I appreciate you showing up here to help me."
  • "Your movements are most interesting, despite you being human. In fact, you may even approach the level of us mystics."
  • "I appreciate you showing up here to help me. I must admit that your eye for strategy is quite impressive."
  • "General Xu Shu, your might and wisdom are superb. With proper training, you may even approach omnipotence."
  • "You have an excellent grasp on tactics, General Xu Shu. You must have studied my battle strategies."
  • "You dare take on an omnipotent being such as myself, human?"
  • "Your talent is wasted as a human being. Watch me in battle and learn."
  • "I did not expect you to last this long. As a show of respect, I will call upon the secrets of the mystic arts."
  • "Hehe... I can see that you are capable of providing me with a challenge."
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