Takamitsu Shimazaki (島崎 貴光, Shimazaki Takamitsu, born November 21, 1978 in Tokyo) is a Japanese composer and lyricist affiliated with Smile Company. He is a synthesizer specialist who has arranged music tracks for several J-pop groups like SMAP and AKB48. His songs for w-inds and Nakanomori Band earned him two gold medals at the 48th Japan Record Awards. Shimazaki is the producer of Project Rin.

On occasion, Shimazaki provides music lectures and training within the entertainment industry and writes articles in DTM Magazine.

Works with KoeiEdit

Shimazaki has been credited for composing or arranging image songs for the following titles (listed chronologically by project's first release date).

Live EventsEdit

  • Tsukai☆Otome Game Tsushin - Episode 15

External LinksEdit

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