Japanese news and other tidbitsEdit

News article about first press release, from 4gamer - video message from Tetsuo Hara during the March 3rd playtest - video message from Nana Tanimura during the March 3rd playtest - Inside Xbox part 1 - Inside Xbox part 2 - Xbox commercial - Weekly Toro Station - A&G Game Master GTR - sales ranking on its release in Japan - game voice actors versus tv series voice actors. No surprise here, but many fans that comment on the video like the anime voices better. I'm partial to either one though. :) - fan edit of the second promotional video replacing music and voice actors from the tv series.

Hahaa... well for people who want it. Sake neko 06:57, March 22, 2010 (UTC)

Fan video series - True End of the Century Dead--- LegendEdit - unrelated coloring book narration

These things are funny and gimicky for fans who already know the Hokuto no Ken story and shouldn't be taken seriously. Bohyou's doing a good job of corrupting my memory of the series though. :) Sake neko 03:37, March 12, 2010 (UTC)

Clearing on missions wanted Edit

Simple put: In my first playthrough through Chapter One of Kenshiro's Legendary Mode, I completed a few missions and cleared the chapter. But, whedn I went for a rematch, the Finisher sequence was mostly IMPOSSIBLE! And the odd part is, when I re-started the entire save, finished all the missions in the first run, the Finisher sequence was normal. Does Harbringer of Death do that? Or is it a huge programing flaw? —Preceding unsigned comment added by Tsukiyomaru0 (talkcontribs)