Now when Kaku is confirmed for OP: Kaizoku Musou we have a little problem here.AntonKutovoi

Youve a point. after all from what i was told Kaku is the japanese name for Jia Xu, the redirect page the Kaku page used to be no longer effective ...
Though i do have an idea. why not make the Kaku page a discombobulation page? people type in Kaku and are brought to a page that says
There are two characters under the fallowing name, are you looking for:
  • Kaku (One Piece Character)
  • Jia Xu, Kaku being the japanese pronunciation of said character.
various wikis that have characters with multiple names from different games do that. like how there is a different Cid in every final fantasy game. the FF Wiki has them listed by First name and last name if available. if no last name is available they just put in the FF number they are from. like:
  • Cid (Final Fantasy X)
  • Cid (Final Fantasy XI)
  • ECT.
We could do that here, dont you think? also, AntonKutovoi, please sign your posts with "~~~~" so your signature will pop up.
Ixbran 10:34, February 19, 2012 (UTC)
Meh. I have abandoned chances to create other disambiguation pages in the past. "Kai" for instance is the localized Mystic Heroes name for Wen Zhong, the first name for a Gundam character, and Kaihime. But I didn't bother with a disambiguation page because I figure most people visiting this wiki only really care for the girl "Kai". If there's a time when "Kai Province" is made, then I find it more necessary since you still have Shingen calling himself the "Tiger of Kai" (as in the place) in English, and that's like four "Kai"s that can get mixed up right there.
I'm not particularly dedicated in creating disambiguation pages unless it's exactly the same name for multiple subjects or if it's to avoid a mix-up between two completely different people in pinyin. When you say Kaku to a dedicated One Piece fan, they're going to think the CP9 Kaku. Not everyone knows the Japanese onmyou reading for Jia Xu (I mean you didn't until I explained it to you), and I don't find a particular need to force that fact down the throat of One Piece fans with a rather niche redirect. Sake neko 15:11, February 19, 2012 (UTC)