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Tamaki and Cat Daifuku.

Tamaki (たまき) is a character introduced in Saihai no Yukue as Sakon's young daughter. She is based on his actual historical daughter named Tama (珠). Mitsunari often mistakenly calls her "Tama" (たま), which is also a common cat name in Japan. Her pet is a tiny white mouse that hangs around her shoulder, oddly named "Cat Daifuku" (梅だいふく). Her height is 140 cm (4'7") and she is 15 years old. She climbs trees as a hobby and likes to eat daifuku.

A different incarnation of her appears as an NPC in Nioh.

Role in GameEdit

Tamaki fulfills Sakon's role as Mitsunari's adviser throughout the game and follows him everywhere at Sekigahara. Though she may not look like his daughter, she shares many of Sakon's traits as a strategist. Sakon also trained her to wield a sword if necessary. She has a strained relationship with her father as she believes he is only using her as a political tool. When she can, she additionally reports to him in between conflicts.

During battle, Tamaki serves as her lord's unfailing source of hope. When Mitsunari falters and fears for the worse, she is the one who helps him recover his wits. Occasionally, she helps her lord during his interrogations, as speaking with her will unlock more key phrases for Mitsunari to say. After the battle's conclusion, she may join Mitsunari's travels around the land or choose to live a life for herself.


Cheerful and witty, she is an upright girl who believes in her lord's vision. She loyally carries out her duties with energetic glee. Though she has faith in him, Tamaki can also be blunt and sarcastic, jokingly questioning Mitsunari's attention span. She shares her father's trait of calling her lord an idiot. Though she is proud of her capabilities, she grows despondent when someone praises Sakon.

Whilst talking in her father's presence, she often adopts a cold facade of formality. She refers to her father as "stupid old man" in early chapters. After his supposed death, she addresses him as "Father". Even though she acts otherwise, she truly does care for his well being and mourns his passing.

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Yuuka Nakatsukasa - Nioh


  • "Pleased to meet you. I'm Sakon Shima's daughter, Tamaki!"
"... ...Da, Daughter?! (I can't see it... How could something like this come from Sakon...)"
~~Tamaki and Mitsunari