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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Tamamo.

Warriors Orochi 3 UltimateEdit

  • "Who dares to attempt to utilize my power?"
  • "Hehe... There are none who can oppose me."
  • "Here, you can have this. I am sure you will be able to get good use out of it."
  • "Hehe... You sure are a cute little thing."
  • "What a shame..."
  • "I am surprised to be here... I never expected to find myself interacting with other people."
  • "I slew many enemy officers in the last battle. It should teach a lesson to any who would dare to oppose me."
  • "Are you trying to keep me away from the battlefield? I hope you do not think that I will forgive such a transgression."
  • "I was unable to perform up to my expectations in the last battle. I must make up for it in the next one."
  • "Fight, and embrace your hatred. That is what gives me my power."
  • "I need more... I desire more suffering and despair from those around me."
  • "Ahh, this is what I seek. I thrive on the conflict that is unfolding before us."
  • "I love seeing the helplessness in my opponent's face."
  • "I am simply unbeatable. As if a mere stone could contain my divine presence!"
  • "Hmm... It seems that officer possesses considerable strength."
  • "Da Ji, you are delightfully evil if I do say so myself."
  • "I never would have expected you to perform so admirably, Wukong."
  • "Seimei, you are a most frightful human being to have overcome heaven and earth."
  • "Haha... Yinglong, I see you are a force to be reckoned with in the Mystic Realm."
  • "Urgh... You keep your filthy hands off of me, you beast!"
  • "Are you trying to look like me? I am tired of your presence; leave at once."
  • "You are doing quite well."
  • "You have done well for yourself."
  • "I was just about to summon you."
  • "What are you waiting for?"
  • "You are here to challenge me?"
  • "Hah... I grow weary of this battle and of your presence."
  • "You fight like a woman possessed, Da Ji."
  • "It is so nice of you to come, Da Ji."
  • "You have performed well, Wukong."
  • "Wukong, are you here to save me?"
  • "Your technique is superb, Seimei."
  • "Ahh, Seimei... You have come to save me."
  • "Your prowess in battle is awe-inspiring, Yinglong."
  • "You came at not a moment too soon, Yinglong."
  • "You are doing quite well. I would never grow tired of watching you in battle."
  • "You have done well for yourself. Keep it up and I might take you in as my disciple."
  • "I was just about to summon you. Now get over here and save me already."
  • "What are you waiting for? Hurry up and save me already."
  • "You are here to challenge me? I hope you are ready to face your death then."
  • "Hah... I grow weary of this battle and of your presence. I shall take my leave now."
  • "You fight like a woman possessed, Da Ji. Even the enemy is mesmerized by your presence."
  • "It is so nice of you to come, Da Ji. What do you say to saving me from this predicament?"
  • "You have performed well, Wukong. Keep running wild on the battlefield for us."
  • "Wukong, are you here to save me? I guess even monkeys have their uses from time to time."
  • "Your technique is superb, Seimei. Your little toys also seem to be quite useful."
  • "Ahh, Seimei... You have come to save me. Now show me what your shikigami are capable of."
  • "Your prowess in battle is awe-inspiring, Yinglong. I could use one of your ability."
  • "You came at not a moment too soon, Yinglong. Now, use your swords to decimate the enemy."
  • "Your performance was breathtaking. With you by my side, I would never know harm."
  • "I expected nothing less from you. No battle is beyond victory when you fight like that."
  • "I never doubted that you would come to my aid. You would never betray me."
  • "Ahh, I was waiting for you. This situation is nothing you cannot handle, right?"
  • "I never expected to run into you out here... Know that I refuse to stand down."
  • "I have no regrets about losing to you. However, I must withdraw now."
  • "You are dazzling to behold, Da Ji. You are the perfect companion to have by my side."
  • "I was awaiting your arrival, Da Ji. Let us work together to bring despair to the world."
  • "Splendid, Wukong. Perhaps I shall entrust you with my plans to wreak havoc."
  • "Come here, Wukong. I will be sure to reward you for your assistance."
  • "I knew you would excel like this, Seimei. Your shikigami must be honored to serve you."
  • "Ahh, Seimei... Thank you for coming. I have been eagerly awaiting your arrival."
  • "Impressive, Yinglong. You should come serve by my side after this is all over."
  • "I will never forget this debt, Yinglong. You are the one capable of realizing my ambition."
  • "Are you the one that can fulfill my wishes? I shall soon see for myself."
  • "Impressive. You are definitely one that I would like to have in my employ."
  • "Urk... I see you will not be so easily defeated. In that case, let us see how you handle this!"
  • "Da Ji, I wish to test the extent of your power."
  • "Your strength is impressive. I wish to test it for myself."
  • "You would be wise not to underestimate my power!"
  • "Hehe... Why if it isn't the monkey who was sealed away for his mischief!"
  • "Enough, monkey. It is time I silenced you for good."
  • "How dare you try and scratch me! You are a monkey badly in need of punishment."
  • "Seimei... I have been waiting for a chance like this to give you a piece of my mind."
  • "How regrettable! However, my hatred for you will never cease!"
  • "Urgh... You will pay for this... I shall see to it personally!"
  • "Lord Yinglong... Have you forgotten me already?"
  • "You seem to have lost yourself in anger, Yinglong. How pathetic."
  • "Hehe... It is time to show you that your temperament will be the death of you."
  • "Hehe... You truly wish to challenge me?"
  • "Ahh, very well. I shall like to see your strength for myself."
  • "You make me laugh, monkey. Do you find your own smell as repugnant as I do?"
  • "I have had enough. I do not care for such boredom."
  • "Hehe... You are imagining things, Yinglong."

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