Tara Platt (born in Fairfax, Virginia) is an American live actor and voice actor who has primarily focused her career on anime, video games, and movie voice acting. She is married to Yuri Lowenthal. Platt grew up moving around a lot as a child, eventually settling down in Chelsea, Michigan. She proceeded to attend Rutgers University and at the London Academy of Theatre for her higher education, earning a BFA in theater arts from her studies. Before getting into voice acting, Tara Platt performed in several dramas until she and her husband founded the Monkey Kingdoms Productions which focused on recorded media in 2004.

Platt has been known to voice sultry or mature female characters due to her deep tone. Some of her roles include Temari in Naruto, Wonder Woman in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, and Setsuka in the later Soulcalibur games.

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