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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Tashigi.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3Edit

  • "All hands, prepare for battle!"
  • "I have no intention of handing this territory over to you!!"
  • "This is an important battle! I will forgive defeat!"
  • "I won't let you do whatever you want!"
  • "I'm gonna keep going too!"
  • "The Marines now occupy this area!"
  • "Grief is inevitable, but the battle has already begun...!"
  • "We've gained control over the area!"
  • "Trespassing in this area is strictly forbidden!"
  • "You lose!!"
  • "I win!!"
  • "That's as far as you go!"
  • "Prepare yourself!"
  • "That was close...!! So that's the true power of the Seven Warlords of the Sea..."
  • "Straw Hat Luffy... I won't overlook any Pirate presence here!"
  • "Stop it with these weird names! My subordinates will laugh at me!"
  • "Are you going easy on me because I'm a woman? Fight seriously!"
  • "You guys are a pirate crew. I cannot overlook your presence here!"
  • "Caesar, you aren't a scientist! You're nothing but a scoundrel!!"
  • "Huh...? I beat Smoker...? No way!!"
  • "Don't you dare show your face in front of us again!"
  • "You pirates create trouble all over the world. That's why no one lives in peace!"
  • "That black sword, aka Night, is a Supreme Grade Sword. Just amazing!"
  • "My apologies... But I've got to do this!"
  • "This justice...!"
  • "Evil will not be forgiven!"
  • "I won...? Really...?"
  • "While working my swordsmanship. I'm collecting famous swords held by evil."
  • "With this, I can finally say that I am a peerless swordswoman...!!"
  • "With this, I've proven myself a swords-woman! Now people will take me seriously!"
  • "Bravo!"
  • "What strength...!! What do I have to do to move like that?"
  • "They took down 1000 enemies alone...?! Becoming a peerless Marine would be easy!"
  • "The strength to take down 1000 alone... Something's fishy...!"
  • "Time to mop up the rest of the enemy!"
  • "No way! I've gotta do something...!"
  • "Everyone, we cannot give up now!"
  • "Well done! Everyone, take heart!"
  • "This isn't enough for me to throw in the towel!"
  • "It can't be helped if I get made fun of! I will force them back on my own!"
  • "The enemy is running away! After them!"
  • "They're pushing us back...!! We've gotta cut through them!!"
  • "That's it...! I request assistance! It's urgent!"
  • "I won't allow anymore of this!"
  • "Providing cover!"
  • "I'm heading out!"
  • "No matter what happens. My sense of justice is unchanging!"
  • "Help! Please... I beg of you, please send help!"
  • "They've got me on the ropes! Send backup fire immediately! Please!"
  • "Now I can fight again!! Thank you so much!"
  • "Thanks to you, Smoker, I was saved... I've got to learn to get through by myself for next time."
  • "The Straw Hat Pirates... How much stronger can they get?"
  • "I can't believe...the Seven Warlords of the Sea are this strong."
  • "I'll protect you guys!"
  • "I'm going to protect that territory!"
  • "Vice-Admiral Garp! Well done, sir!"
  • "I can't believe...the Seven Warlords of the Sea are this strong."
  • "As expected of the Seven Warlords of the Sea! They'd be a big threat as enemies."
  • "Get out of my way!!"
  • "Pirates are evil! I cannot overlook you!"
  • "Pirates are pirates! I have no intention to team up with you guys!"
  • "As a swordsman, I wish to challenge you to a duel!"
  • "Straw Hat!! I'll bring you down!!"
  • "Stop giving me that strange glare!!"
  • "You go easy on women because you think they're weak. Well, I won't let you win!"
  • "Hawk-Eye...! Even if I have no chance of winning, I have to challenge you."
  • "After we've come so far... It's not fair!"
  • "Sorry... I have for a bit."
  • "I will not be able to fight until the end... My apologies!!"
  • "The enemy has retreated! Defense successful!"
  • "We crushed the enemy! Victory is ours!"
  • "We won... We really won!!"

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