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Technique (技, onyomi: Gi/Waza, lit. Technique/Art) is a character type introduced in the Warriors Orochi series. Characters in this category are represented by the color yellow. Each character in this category has a special attack called an "Enhanced Strike". Basically, it is used during an attack string such as for charge attacks. During a normal attack, the player presses the R1 special move button to activate the Enhanced Strike, as opposed to the normal charge button. When activated, the charge move is super-powered (similar to the concept of EX Moves from fighting games). All Enhanced Strike-version charge attacks animate much faster with more damage, coming out faster and ending faster. The amount musou they normally cost pertains to how much the character's default special move costs.

Using the R1 button, players can use a small portion of the character's Musou to perform a special attack, or a counter to break out of an opponent's combo if getting hit (almost like a Musou attack). Compared to the two other types, Technique-type characters can have their default R1 special as any charge attack input rather than using R1 by itself; examples include Zhao Yun and Huang Zhong (both of whom can perform their special moves via an R1 styled C3), unlike characters such as Zhuge Liang and Yukimura.

In the first game, the graphical effects for all R1 specials and enhanced charge attacks alike from Technique-types involved them turning red, with their R1 counters causing a small white curving slash in the air around the character upon activation. In the second game, the graphics for all Tehcnique-type R1 attacks will instead cause a white brief flash on the character to occur upon usage instead, which includes counters that will cause the white glow to last throughout the animation (while reusing the white slash effect). They, like the Power-type characters, also have some of their default R1 specials emit the altered Musou attack sound effect when used, but only for the characters with a fairly high musou cost per special.

If a player's team possess two or more technique characters, the final Musou in a Musou chain will activate the skill Absorb and will allow the character to restore Musou with each hit.

Warriors Orochi 3 removes the Enhanced Strike as well as the R1 counter mechanic, and instead includes a sidestep which leaves characters temporarily invincible as they perform the maneuver (which is an altered version of jumping sideways while strafing during a guard) and critical hits against airborne enemies. The sidestep can also be used to perform a dash attack without needing to run.

Musou Orochi 2 Ultimate grants this type the ability to shift behind enemies by pressing X while being attacked.


The characters listed below belong to this type.

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Warriors Orochi 3Edit

The characters listed below belong to this type. It will only list the new character affiliations.

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