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Technique (技, onyomi: Gi/Waza, lit. Technique/Art) is a character type introduced in the Warriors Orochi series. Characters in this category are represented by the color yellow. Each character in this category has a special attack called an "Enhanced Strike". Basically, it is used during an attack string such as for charge attacks. During a normal attack, the player presses the special move button to activate the Enhanced Strike, as opposed to the normal charge button. When activated, the charge move is super-powered (similar to the concept of EX Moves from fighting games). Using the R1 button, players can use a small portion of the character's Musou to perform a special attack, or a counter to break out of an opponent's combo if getting hit (almost like a Musou attack). Compared to the two other types, Technique-type characters can have their default R1 special as any charge attack input rather than using R1 by itself; examples include Zhao Yun and Huang Zhong (both of whom can perform their special moves via an R1 styled C3), unlike characters such as Zhuge Liang and Yukimura.

If a player's team possess two or more technique characters, the final Musou in a Musou chain will activate the skill Absorb and will allow the character to restore Musou with each hit.

Warriors Orochi 3 removes the Enhanced Strike and instead includes a sidestep which leaves characters temporarily invincible as they perform the maneuver (which is an altered version of jumping sideways while strafing during a guard) and critical hits against airborne enemies. The sidestep can also be used to perform a dash attack without needing to run.

Musou Orochi 2 Ultimate grants this type the ability to shift behind enemies by pressing X while being attacked.


The characters listed below belong to this type.

Warriors Orochi 3 Technique Icon

Warriors Orochi 3Edit

The characters listed below belong to this type. It will only list the new character affiliations.

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