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Technique (技) is a character type introduced in the Warriors Orochi series. Characters in this category are represented by the color yellow. Charge attacks from this type will inflict critical hits onto any airborne targets (either during a juggle or from a grounded knockdown/launch). If a player's team possess two or more Technique characters, the final Musou in a Musou chain will automatically activate the Absorb skill.

Technique characters incorporate their Type Action into one of their charge attacks for an Enhanced Strike ("Extra Charge Attack" in the Japanese scripts; i.e. Square, Square, R1). All Enhanced Strikes (abbreviated as "C#-EX") have faster animations than standard Charge Attacks, but usually have no extra properties outside of that. Some serve as the character's standard Type Action special (often abbreviated as "C#-EX-SP"), which along with all other Enhanced Strikes are affected by the aforementioned critical hit modifier.

If characters in this type are being hit, they can also perform an invincible "Extra Counter" (tap R1 while being hit). This works even on a trip or tumble-over hit state before the character touches the ground, otherwise, this attack cannot be activated during a knockback or launch. Unlike a Musou Attack, an Extra Counter can even reverse out of a stunned/dizzied state. Both of these Type Actions however, require Musou which may hamper their performance when cornered in crowds.

In the sequel, a number of Enhanced Strikes, both special attack and non-special attack versions, gain more extra properties than in the previous installment, especially extra elemental activation; from there, Technique type characters via their C1-EX and C2-EX attacks are the only ones that can activate elements while most non-enhanced variations cannot. However, as a trade-off, most Technique type characters' Type Actions have around double the original Musou cost from the previous game.

Warriors Orochi 3 provides a massive number of changes to the Technique type in many ways. First off, its previous Type Action is now replaced with a single auxiliary-based R1 Type Action that may or may not setup an easy launch for their critical hit mechanic. Enhanced Strikes, launch/knockdown-based critical hits on grounded targets and Extra Counters have been removed. For the Dynasty Warriors characters, critical hits can also occur on EX Attacks but for all characters they can no longer occur 100% of the time; this also applies to R1 Type Actions, but is often more subtle with indication.

Second, Technique characters can now perform an invincible sidestep strafe in four different directions akin to Samurai Warriors 3 (press X while guard/shift-moving; known simply as the "Step" in Asian scripts) which has users become temporarily invincible upon execution and like it implies, they will continue facing their initial orientation when executed. Unlike both a typical sidestep and in Samurai Warriors 3, instant dashing Square attacks can be performed from them as a counter, but this change greatly limits their general offensive power (causing them to focus more on being defensive instead).

In Ultimate, a new mechanic allows Technique characters to use the "Evasion Step" mechanic to also sidestep by pressing X while being attacked or when inflicted with a guard break. There is also the Heavenly Sash item in the said game, which can allow charge attacks while grounded to be cancelled into a non-invincible step (even for grounded moves that bring the user into the air). This allows Technique-types to have much better offense and safety in general, which can be further enhanced if their dash attack is worth using as a followup.


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The characters listed below belong to this type. It will only list the new character affiliations.

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