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Technique (技) is a character type introduced in the Warriors Orochi series. Characters in this category are represented by the color yellow. Charge attacks inflict critical hits onto any airborne targets with this type, either during juggle or from a normal knockdown/launch. If a player's team possess two or more Technique characters, the final Musou in a Musou chain will automatically activate the Absorb skill.

Technique characters incorporate their Type Action into one of their Charge Attacks for an Enhanced Strike (i.e. Square, Square, R1). All Enhanced Strikes have faster animations than standard Charge Attacks, while some serve as the character's standard Type Action special. If characters in this type are being hit, they can perform an "Extra Counter" (tap R1 while being hit). Both actions require Musou which may hamper their performance when cornered in crowds.

Warriors Orochi 3 removes its previous Type Actions with limiting them to a single R1 ability, and granting them a forward-step in any direction (press X while guard-strafing) which has users become temporarily invincible as they perform the maneuver; this forward-step can cancel charge attacks and R1 abilities, be used to proc instant dash attacks as well as activate certain elements. Ultimate allows Technique characters to shift behind enemies by pressing X while being attacked.


The characters listed below belong to this type.

Warriors Orochi 3 Technique Icon

Warriors Orochi 3Edit

The characters listed below belong to this type. It will only list the new character affiliations.

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