Character Information
Allegiance(s): Jaiwa-ru
Varies on class
Voice Actor(s):
Amy Lennox (EN)
Emi Takei (JP)
First Appearance: Dragon Quest Heroes II
Original character.

Teresa (テレシア, Teresia) is the default name for one of the selectable main protagonists in Dragon Quest Heroes II. The player can choose to rename her if they select her as their hero. If the player chooses to view the story from Lazarel's perspective, she will be called her official name within the game.

Role in GameEdit

Teresa is Lazarel's cousin. She visited him in Orenka during their early training days.

Character InformationEdit


Takei watched her parents play Dragon Quest ever since her childhood. She commented to feel grateful to take part in something that has been a part of her family life, hoping that she did her best to bring life to the "older sister" character.


Calm and graceful, she often delivers deadpan quips to her cousin's rambunctiousness.


Fighting StyleEdit

Teresa's weapons and available skills depends on her currently equipped weapon. Her classes have slight variations from her cousin.

Warrior: Sword and shield ⇒ Special Technique: Giga Slash


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