The Count
Character Information
Allegiance(s): God Hand
Apostle form
Voice Actor(s):
Kouzou Douzaka

The Count is a minor antagonist in Berserk and a boss character in BERSERK and the Band of the Hawk.

Years ago, the Count wanted to rid his homeland of heretics until he found his wife having an orgy with heretics herself. After slaughtering the heretics, the Count came before the God Hand and offered his wife as a sacrifice, becoming an Apostle and devouring her. He then placed his daughter, Theresia under house arrest and began a corrupt method of hunting heretics down.

Guts and Puck first catch word of the Count's actions as they are accusing innocent bystanders of heresy and giving them capital punishment. After clearing a town full of innocent civilians, Guts finds some accursed spirits who are quite angry with the Count. He then enter's the Count's castle through a secret passage.

After clearing a number of the Count's guards, Guts finds the Count in his Apostle form as the latter insults him as a mere human. He tells him of how meaningless his war against the Apostles is and eventually loses. Eventually, the Count is sucked into the Interstice and dragged to the abyss.


The Count is a brutish individual who stands superior to all humans that he considers heretics.


  • "Hunt all heretics down!"
  • "You dare stand in my way... know your place!"
  • "Interesting."
  • "Nicely countered."
  • "I will release you from your suffering."
  • "I rise above mankind!"
  • 'I won't lose, for I am above mortals."
  • "Damn out..!! Damn youu!!"
  • "For a superior being like me...!"

Fighting StyleEdit

In his slug-like Apostle form, the Count can swing his hands to give hard damage. He can also run forward at ramming speeds. The Count will also send his hands into the ground to pop out and hit players by surprise. He can also shield himself and bash his head into the player. He can also jump high and cause a tremor.

As a desperation, the Count will roar, then run along the ground while shielding himself then bash his hands.

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