Character Information
95 cm (3'11")
Voice Actor(s):
Koichi Yamadera
First Appearance: Toukiden 2
Name can refer to a precisely timed moment.

Tokitsugu (時継) is one of the main characters for the single player narrative. He can fight beside the protagonist during hunts in the single player main story.

He placed third in Famitsu's character popularity survey.

Role in GamesEdit


Tokitsugu was once a human and the blacksmith of Mahoraba. After losing his body, his soul was saved by the Professor and her mechanic contraption. Indebted to her, he serves as her aide and goes on various chores for her.

Warriors All-StarsEdit

Character InformationEdit


Furusawa remarked that the Warriors All-Stars team had consulted the developers of the original IPs for each character. When they had presented their prototype actions for the Toukiden cast, the Toukiden team balked at their choices and demanded that they be heavily revised. The Warriors All-Stars team based the character visuals on Kiwami or Toukiden 2. Furusawa summarized that Tokitsugu was chosen for impact.

Yamadera remarked that voice actors record their lines without any visual aids for video games, so he often struggles to imagine his character's reactions to events. This concerned him for this game in particular due to the large amount of character interactions he had to voice. He also thinks "Nobunyaga" is difficult to pronounce.


Although his exterior looks adorable and dwarfish, Tokitsugu is really a heroic older brother figure. Many Slayers look up to him. Simple-minded and practical, he doesn't dwell on his situation since he feels he hasn't truly lost anything of importance.

While he is grateful to her and obliges her, he is wary of the Professor's whimsy. Tokitsugu also doesn't appreciate arrogance and often butts heads with Homura.


Keys: Square Normal Attack • Tri Charge AttackCircle MusouX Jump/Mount
Warriors All-Stars - Tokitsugu Highlight00:29

Warriors All-Stars - Tokitsugu Highlight

Promotional gameplay trailer

Square, Square, Square, Square, Square, Square: Tokitsugu shoots twice,jumps and shoots once then grabs the ground to go forward. He then shoots two more times while in the air.
Tri: Grabs an enemy and moves to where they are, similar to Xu Shu's Strong Attack.
Square, Tri: Tokitsugu shoots purple bullets three times upward.
Square, Square, Tri: Tokitsugu shoots fireworks forward, then grabs the ground, releasing a circle of magic, stunning enemies.
Square, Square, Square, Tri: He shoots twice at the enemies.
Square, Square, Square, Square, Tri: Tokitsugu shoots two energy balls that explode.
Square, Square, Square, Square, Square, Tri: Tokitsugu fires five swirling rounds in a row.
Dashing + Tri:
Dashing + Square: Shoots forward.
Jump + Tri: Tokitsugu shoots a single swirling bullet.
Jump + Square: Tokitsugu shoots three times.
Circle: Tokitsugu flings his arm to the left twice.
Hero Skill
Demon Eater: attacks enemies in front of him.
Awakened Skill
Combined Skill

Fighting StyleEdit


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