Tomokazu Takeda (竹田 智一, Takeda Tomokazu) is a video game programmer, producer and director. He is currently an Executive Officer for the Entertainment Division and the Lead Manager for the Kou Shibusawa brand.. He was one of Koei-Tecmo's corporate officers, the deputy senior manager for the network department and the manager of network division 1.

According to his own account, Takeda has loved video games since his childhood. He was not interested in history until he attended college and became acquainted with Koei's historical simulations. Finding a passion for the heroics featured within them, he began to read novels and other media. Takeda's fascination with historical fiction led to his eventual desire to be recruited by Koei. After he graduated with a science degree, he passed their programming test and joined the company in 1993. He continues to act as an informal supervisor for reenactments in the historical simulations.

Japanese fans know him best for his active chats with the Uncharted Waters Online player base. He often participates in the game's live events with his own avatar, easily recognized by regular players due to his iconic glasses. Takeda replies he is often bombarded by friend invites whenever he logs into his account. It is during these events that he can receive direct feedback and pass criticisms directly to the development team.

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