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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Toshiie Maeda.

Samurai Warriors 2Edit

  • "I'm heading up in the world!"
  • "Notch that one up to me!"
  • "Did you see that, he's still got it!"
  • "I'll show you how the Devil Shibata's army fights!"
  • "Come back when you've learned how to fight!"
  • "I'm making a name for myself!"
  • "Taste the might of the Devil Shibata!"

Samurai Warriors 3Edit

  • "From cradle to grave, honor is my guide!"
  • "I've had enough!"
  • "Come and face me!"
  • "Time to get serious! I shall give it my all! I demand a challenge!"
  • "Who dares step within range of my spear?!"
  • "As if Toshiie Maeda could ever lose a battle!"
  • "It's in my family's nature to be wild!"

Warriors Orochi 2Edit

  • "I'm heading up in the world!"
  • "Look out!"
  • "Want a challenge?"
  • "You got it!"
  • "Here I am!"
  • "No escape!"
  • "Are you ready to put your life on the line?"
  • "Come on!"
  • "Notch that one up to me!"
  • "No one matches me - except the Devil Shibata himself."
  • "With your might, we could make the Shibata name great again."
  • "You're the kind of warrior I want to fight with!"
  • "You set the standard for us all to follow."
  • "That's mighty impressive."
  • "You're making a name for yourself!"
  • "I'm gonna need a hand here!"
  • "I never forget a favor!"
  • "Thanks. I'll pay you back when the time comes."
  • "You've got guts, I'll give you that!"
  • "This can't be right - I can't lose!"
  • "I stayed loyal... To the end..."
  • "Witness the might of the Devil Shibata!"
  • "Did you see that!? He's still got it!"
  • "I'm sorry... I've let you down again..."
  • "When I see you like this, I know I made the right choice."
  • "Not bad at all, Monkey."
  • "Argh... I didn't want you to see me like this."
  • "All right, Keiji, I'll admit it. You're unstoppable!"
  • "I'm not letting you get all the glory!"
  • "Argh! Now I suppose I owe you one."
  • "No one matches you!"
  • "Now you're gettin' goin'!"
  • "Thanks. You're just in time."
  • "I don't want any mercy, old man."
  • "You're still the man to beat..."
  • "Thank you for everything..."
  • "Don't go easy on me, monkey!"
  • "I always hoped you'd be this good..."
  • "The rest is up to you..."
  • "Keiji! Can't you just behave yourself?!"
  • "That cocky idiot... I'll get him back..."
  • "Stay true to who you are, Keiji..."
  • "You look like you can handle yourself."
  • "You have the true spirit of the warrior."
  • "I have stayed true to my path..."

Warriors Orochi 3Edit

  • "Allow me to show you how it's done!"
  • "We have prevailed!"
  • "My spear shall bring honor to this battlefield!"
  • "A victory for honor is all that I require"
  • "Haha... This should do wonders for my reputation!"
  • "Would you be willing to take this? It's a sign of our friendship."
  • "Hah! I'm not sure I could've done better myself!"
  • "You failed?! Don't worry about it. It happens to me all the time!"
  • "Did you see me out on the battlefield last time? I really gave those enemy soldiers a thorough beating!"
  • "Lately, I've been called to battle quite often. I guess they know it's just not a proper battle unless my spear is there too!"
  • "I'm really discouraged about my results in that battle the other day. I'm sure Keiji would've done much better than I did."
  • "I would be more than happy to have a drink! Even in times like these, we need to enjoy ourselves."
  • "Score another one for me!"
  • "See that?! That's what makes me the best!"
  • "I have seen the burning power of your spirit! You are without rival!"
  • "Incredible, old man... It's not going to be easy to surpass you..."
  • "Hideyoshi! There's no one out there like you!"
  • "What incredible force... This is why you're the God of War!"
  • "Zhang Fei, you are a True Warrior of the Three Kingdoms!"
  • "There's no honor in retreating here!"
  • "I've my honor to uphold, even if it means taking myself out!"
  • "I underestimated you!"
  • "Not bad!"
  • "Sorry to have troubled you!"
  • "Thanks for the aid!"
  • "Make way for Toshiie Maeda!"
  • "How could I lose...?"
  • "Heh! Don't mess with the Devil Shibata!"
  • "Sorry, old man!"
  • "Here to help, Hideyoshi?"
  • "Good to see you, Hideyoshi!"
  • "Impressive, Guan Yu!"
  • "The God of War is here!"
  • "You're a hot-blooded old man!"
  • "I'm glad for your help, Zhang Fei!"
  • "I underestimated you! Who knew you would be so strong...?"
  • "Not bad! Score another point for honor!"
  • "Your help is most appreciated! I won't forget this, I swear!"
  • "Here to lend a hand? With you on board we just might win this!"
  • "Make way for Toshiie Maeda! In a battle of honor, there is no room for compassion!"
  • "I lost... Looks like I went too easy on you!"
  • "Don't mess with the Devil Shibata! You couldn't beat him a million years!"
  • "Thanks, old man! Looks like I owe you another one!"
  • "Here to help out, Hideyoshi? I've got to step it up so I don't fall behind!"
  • "Am I glad to see you, Hideyoshi! Your sense of timing is impeccable!"
  • "You're amazing, Guan Yu! The God of War is in a league of his own!"
  • "The God of War takes the stage! With Guan Yu on our side we can't lose!"
  • "Ha, what a hot-blooded old man! There's no doubting your strength!"
  • "Thanks for the support, Zhang Fei! We have need of your skills!"
  • "What a fighter! I'd better take it up a notch if I want to keep up!"
  • "I like your desperate fighting style! Keep up the good work!"
  • "I don't mean to trouble you! I'll keep up, even if I have to do it on all fours!"
  • "What took you so long?! I was beginning to think you didn't have my back!"
  • "What're you doing here, you fool! I didn't want to have to fight you!"
  • "No mercy even for friends?! Ha! As if you could really kill me..."
  • "You never cease to amaze, old man... I hope to match your strength someday!"
  • "There you are, old man! Let's show them that the Devil Shibata is the soul of any army!"
  • "Don't get carried away, Hideyoshi! The world is counting on you!"
  • "I knew I could count on you, Hideyoshi! It's like you can read my mind!"
  • "I'm lucky to have the God of War on my side!"
  • "That long beard of yours is fantastic! I wish I could grow one like that!"
  • "The invincible Zhang Fei! You're an inspiring man!"
  • "Sorry to trouble you, Zhang Fei! I'll buy you a drink later!"
  • "Taste my spear!"
  • "Not bad!"
  • "Time to buckle down and show you how a real man wins a fight!"
  • "It's time to get my revenge!"
  • "So this is the great Shibata... I can feel his power... It's almost overwhelming."
  • "Look at me now, my lord! This is what I am capable of!"
  • "I have to fight Hideyoshi? Are you serious...?"
  • "I'm just being toyed with here... I have to do something!"
  • "Urgh... You're making me angry! I'll show you what I can do!"
  • "God of War, your head is mine!"
  • "I see now why they call you the God of War!"
  • "I can't back down now! I'll keep fighting until my last breath!"
  • "I'll rip that beard right off your face!"
  • "Ugh... I'm getting manhandled out here... I haven't even laid a hand on his beard yet...!"
  • "Argh! I'm a man of my word. I will get that beard if it's the last thing I do!"
  • "Interesting... Let's see if you can handle this!"
  • "Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black!"
  • "You never know when to show respect!"
  • "My lord... Urgh... I'm going to win this!"

Kessen IIIEdit

  • "Sometimes it takes more then just strength."
  • "O.K. time to make up for lost time!"
  • "Those who don't want to die, out of my way!"
  • "Its too late to have second thoughts!"
  • "Were you expecting anything else?"
  • "Fear not and overcome the enemy!"
  • "Let's hurry up and end this!"
  • "Ha ha! There is no man I fear!"

"O.K. you should be ready to go soon."

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