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This page contains information for Mitama exclusively found in Toukiden 2.

  • Players can equip Mitama on their armor and Demon Hand to unlock new tamafuri.
    • Nigitamafuri - Passive abilities used by armor-affixed Mitama. Automatically activates upon meeting specific conditions.
    • Aratamafuri - Offensive abilities used by Mitama attached to the player's Demon Hand. Complements attack styles with different effects.
  • Returning Mitama have been given new portraits for this title.


Abilities from the first two titles return with the inclusion of a new type called Control (繰); it allows the user to temporarily manipulate elemental spirits.

Ability Effects
Square: 攻種召喚 Selects one type of elemental spirit to assist in attacks. Helps repel living demons while the user is in purifying stance.
Tri: 衛種召喚 Launches a spiritual attack that lowers the target's elemental resistance. Negates elemental attacks while in purifying stance.
Circle: 五輪権現 Releases a barrage of elemental spirits to attack the target. Sucks enemies closer to the user while in purifying stance.
Nigitamafuri: 形代召喚 Summons an elemental spirit for support.
Aratamafuri: 五霊明神 Calls multiple elemental spirits to attack enemies while restoring health and stamina in proportion to the amount of damage inflicted. Consequently lowers elemental resistance.
Nigitamafuri: 死反 Prevents user from falling in combat when in effect.
Aratamafuri: 破軍星光 Increases elemental attack power and damage output for a brief period of time.
Nigitamafuri: 鋼化 Temporarily reduces damage received from enemy attacks.
Aratamafuri: 奉護剣 Converts a portion of the user's defense into attack power.
Nigitamafuri: 八咫烏 Enables evasive maneuvers to be performed in the middle of attacks. Also reduces stamina consumed by evading.
Aratamafuri: 残影 Conjures mirror images that follow the user. Consequently increases stamina consumption rate.
Nigitamafuri: 自然治癒 Restores own health.
Aratamafuri: 生刀生弓 Improves own attack power while sacrificing a fixed amount of health points per hit.
Nigitamafuri: 呪禁 Temporarily binds demon to halt its movements.
Aratamafuri: 照魔ノ法 Allows attacks to expose a powerful demon's weak points. Consequently reduces damage on parts not affected by aratamafuri.
Nigitamafuri: 薬師 Negates status ailments received from enemy attacks.
Aratamafuri: 神便鬼毒 Poisons surrounding demons and makes them susceptible to critical hits while becoming vulnerable to status ailment attacks.
Nigitamafuri: 大直毘 Increases efficacy and range of the user's purification skill.
Aratamafuri: 終ノ種子 Creates a dimensional rift that explodes once enough time passes.
Nigitamafuri: 奇魂 Restores or increases any of the following: tamafuri capacity, health, stamina, or unity gauge.
Aratamafuri: 天運天恵 Triggers a random aratamafuri when in effect.
Nigitamafuri: 魂呼 Gradually restores health and stamina when not attacking.
Aratamafuri: 神懸 Increases attack speed and refills unity gauge of nearby allies.
Nigitamafuri: 発破 Frightens lesser demons away.
Aratamafuri: 天羽々斬 Gradually refills weapon gauge to unleash a strong destroyer attack. Consequently whittles down health if weapon gauge is not full.


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