This page contains information for Mitama exclusively found in Kiwami.

  • 12 (Kiwami) is the new maximum level cap. Once a Mitama reaches this level, he/she gains a fourth and permanent skill. Players gain the option to assign any of the Mitama's previously learned skills to the first three slots (Square while skills are visual in main menu).
  • Mitama now have brief biographies to list their name pronunciations and highlights of their historical or fictional exploits. Select foreign figures appear as Mitama.
  • Individual Mitama can be equipped onto Tenko and/or the bathing area. The first option can be another method for gaining experience while the latter randomly triggers one of their learned skills for a single mission.
  • Mitama abilities that affect a circular range of influence (i.e. Vitality, Stupor) have icons on the mini-map.
  • Kiwami additions are generally more expensive to level up.


Two different types have been introduced.

  • Support (献) - Support-oriented abilities. Provides unique skills suited for reinforcing allies.
  • Plunder (壊) - Destructive fighting style. Emphasizes on severing parts or increasing attack power for demon slaying.
Ability Japanese Effects
Square: Altruism 献身 Slight attack and defense increase for any character near the user.
Tri: Diffusion 命ノ楔 Permanent damage is temporary nullified and converted into red damage for the entire group. Health bars are protected until effect ends.
Circle: Sacrifice 捨身供儀 Renders every ally invulnerable to damage. The user suffers rapid red damage until effect ends.
Square: Breaker 鎧割 Temporarily increases damage against demon's outer body and breakable parts.
Tri: Ablution 断祓 Causes attacks to automatically purify breakable parts when in effect.
Circle: Intensity 布都御霊 Momentarily grants large boosts to weapon gauge.


Skills from the first title return with the same names and functions. This section will only list changes and additions found in this game.

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