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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Trowa Barton.

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3Edit

  • "Battle log entry 001. Call me Trowa..."
  • "Surround and destroy was a smart move for the enemy, but that doesn't mean it'll work!"
  • "Give it up."
  • "You're mine. Out of ammo."
  • "We'll take 'em head on!"
  • "Like they say, the best offense is a good defense! Not a bad move."
  • "I've taken the field. Continue the operation."
  • "Minimal damage sustained... Continuing mission."
  • "Looks like you made a mistake!"
  • "I will carry out my mission!"
  • "If you continue to resist, I can't promise your safety."
  • "Mistakes on the battlefield can only lead to one thing... Death."
  • "Those who have laid eyes on a Gundam shall not live to tell about it."
  • "They aren't bad, but they tend to group together, making them easy targets."
  • "They think they can fool us with such obvious tactics?!"
  • "All I know is ffighting. I'm not sure I'm the right man for the job here."
  • "Okay... No more mister nice guy!"
  • "We can't keep wasting time on this! Let's finish this operation!"
  • "Don't be such a bully."
  • "Beasts only bare their fangs at enemies. They are true to their feelings."
  • "I fully understand this battle. Leave the decision-making to me."
  • "We're too far away for that strategy to work."
  • "The best way to end this battle...? Cut off their escape route, and pound them with concentrated fire!"
  • "I wanted to end this quickly, but with enemies this strong, it's going to be tough."
  • "That's what they get for attacking before verifying our actual strength."
  • "Well, of course we won. With suits and pilots like these how could we not?"

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam RebornEdit

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