True Way of the Musou

True Way of the Musou from Dynasty Warriors 5:Extreme Legends.

True Way of the Musou (乱舞極書, Ranbu Goku Sho, lit. Wild Dance Polar Writing) is an item only in Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends. It increases the player's musou to do 50% more damage a hit and last long enough to add an extra "loop" to your musou. It makes every musou damaging and longer without increasing how long it takes to fill up the musou bar. In fact, it's possible for almost every character to defeat a generic officer in one musou, with the True Way of the Musou, even on Chaos mode (given the Green Scroll and Attack 20 on your weapon and Tiger Amulet).

How to UnlockEdit

At the Battle of Mai Castle, kill a 1000. It is suggested to leave enemy gate captains alive and just enough enemy troops to outnumber but not overwhelm the player's allies.

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