Resources Description
Food Icon (UW) Food Used with water to maintain health. Costs gold to replenish.
Water Icon (UW) Water Used with food to maintain health. Costs nothing to replenish.
Men Icon (UW) Men Required for properly manning ships. Hired at inns.
Lumber Icon (UW) Lumber Used for repairs outside of ports. Costs gold to replenish.


* action commands done in this facility will take up one day after exiting.
Harbor (UW) Harbor
Serving as an entrance to any port, the pier is where players can restock their supplies, transfer men and cargo between different ships, or set sail.
Lodge (UW) Lodge
The lodge allows players to skip days and fast-forward investment developments. It also provides information on a port's current economic and political standing.
Inn (UW) Inn *
The inn acts as a hub of social activity where players may interact with other sailors or recruit potential mates. Barmaids can be wooed here for useful hints.
Guild (UW) Guild
A place where navigational instruments and valuable trinkets are sold. Information on the 3 major European powers is also offered here for a small price.
Shipyard (UW) Shipyard *
Players can buy, repair, or repair ships at this facility. Better ship models and fleet-related products become available for purchase as the port's industry level rises.
Market (UW) Marketplace
A trading post filled with various products, this is where players can exchange goods for gold or vice versa. Prices fluctuate to reflect the port's current economy.
Castle (UW) Castle *
Home of a local ruler, players may seek an audience here if their rank level is high enough. Only Lisbon, Seville, and Istanbul have this type of structure.
Church (UW) Church
This place of worship serves as the game's option hub, enabling players to save, adjust sound volume, or change message speed. Only in the PC version.


Up to five can be bought at a time. Once a ship has been purchased, they can be fitted with guns, sails, etc.

A deep hull can hold more supplies and goods, but they are unable to move on shallow waters during battle. A shallow hull, on the other hand, sacrifices cargo load for maneuverability, making them perfect for mobilizing against other ships. Hulls also come in different materials that provide additional durability.

Larger models become available as the port's industrial level rises, though some shipyards require constant investing to reach their full potential. While bigger ships are more effective for long-term voyages and naval warfare, they are considerably difficult to steer and often require navigators with plenty of sailing experience.

  • Cargo - The amount of goods a ship can load on board.
  • Crew - The amount of crewmen a ship can carry. Decreases when supplies run out, the player flees from battle, or the ration rate is minimized.
  • Capacity - The total amount of cargo space and bunks in a ship.
  • Arms - The type and amount of guns fitted on a ship. Only one type of gun be used at a time.
  • Durability - The defensive power of a ship. Also used to measure flotation between different types of hulls.
  • Price - The total price of a ship. Used vessels are inexpensive compared to newer ones.
  • Industry - The amount of industry points required for a shipyard to sell better models.
  • Masts - Used for supporting sails, they help increase a ship's speed power while reducing its handling. Has a greater effect when more masts are included.
  • Sails - Used for providing a ship with propulsion, they help increase speed power or handling. Comes in two types.
    • 3-Point Sails - These triangular sails are effective against strong headwinds. Recommended for warships.
    • 4-Point Sails - Square-shaped sails that propel ships faster than 3-point sails. Useful when venturing across deeper waters.
  • Power - The sailing speed of a ship.
  • Handling - The ship's ability to withstand head winds.

Used ShipsEdit

Image Ship Stats
Latin Cargo: 70
Crew: 20
Arms: 10
Durability: 30
Price: 900
Industry: 100
Ship 1 (UW) Masts: 1
Sails: 3
Power: 75
Handling: 100
Description: A small craft with 3-point sails, it moves gracefully on the inland seas.
Redonda Cargo: 70
Crew: 20
Arms: 10
Durability: 30
Price: 900
Industry: 100
Ship 3 (UW) Masts: 1
Sails: 4
Power: 100
Handling: 75
Description: A small but speedy craft rigged with 4-point sails.
Bergantin Cargo: 105
Crew: 25
Arms: 20
Durability: 40
Price: 4,050
Industry: 280
Ship 4 (UW) Masts: 1
Sails: 3
Power: 67
Handling: 95
Description: A small craft built for short distance trade.
Nao Cargo: 310
Crew: 60
Arms: 30
Durability: 50
Price: 11,340
Industry: 460
Ship 5 (UW) Masts: 2
Sails: 4
Power: 88
Handling: 60
Description: A mid-sized merchant ship popular with many explorers.
Carrack Cargo: 420
Crew: 90
Arms: 40
Durability: 60
Price: 13,860
Industry: 640
Ship 6 (UW) Masts: 2
Sails: 4
Power: 77
Handling: 57
Description: A large merchant ship, it is well-armed and built to travel the deep seas.
Galleon Cargo: 490
Crew: 160
Arms: 50
Durability: 70
Price: 24,390
Industry: 820
Ship 7 (UW) Masts: 3
Sails: 4
Power: 72
Handling: 48
Description: A large warship. Hard to maneuver, but can stand up to damage during naval combat.

Customized ShipsEdit

Ships built from the ground-up.

Image Ship Stats
Caravel Price Durability
Ship 2 (UW) Teak 700 20
Beach 1,050 30
Oak 1,400 40
Mahogany 1,750 50
Masts: 1~2 (300 per mast)
Capacity: 100
Maximum Arms: 20
Industry: 100
3-Point Sails 4-Point Sails
Power: 75
Handling: 100
Power: 100
Handling: 75
Description: A small craft with a shallow hull. It has good speed, but does not usually fare well on open seas.
Bergantin Price Durability
Ship 4 (UW) Teak 2,800 30
Beach 4,200 40
Oak 5,600 50
Mahogany 7,000 60
Masts: 1~2 (300 per mast)
Capacity: 150
Maximum Arms: 20
Industry: 280
3-Point Sails 4-Point Sails
Power: 67
Handling: 95
Power: 90
Handling: 71
Description: This small craft has a deep hull, making it a good choice for trading over short distances.
Nao Price Durability
Ship 5 (UW) Teak 5,600 40
Beach 8,400 50
Oak 11,200 60
Mahogany 14,000 70
Masts: 1~3 (2,100 per mast)
Capacity: 400
Maximum Arms: 40
Industry: 460
3-Point Sails 4-Point Sails
Power: 60
Handling: 90
Power: 80
Handling: 67
Description: This mid-sized craft is easy to handle. A must-have for explorers seeking new ports.
Carrack Price Durability
Ship 6 (UW) Teak 7,700 50
Beach 11,550 60
Oak 15,400 70
Mahogany 19,250 80
Masts: 1~3 (2,100 per mast)
Capacity: 550
Maximum Arms: 40
Industry: 640
3-Point Sails 4-Point Sails
Power: 52
Handling: 85
Power: 70
Handling: 63
Description: Model of a large merchant ship. Depending on its adjustments, the craft can be used as a warship.
Galleon Price Durability
Ship 7 (UW) Teak 10,500 60
Beach 15,750 70
Oak 21,000 80
Mahogany 26,500 90
Masts: 2~3 (3,900 per mast)
Capacity: 700
Maximum Arms: 50
Industry: 820
3-Point Sails 4-Point Sails
Power: 45
Handling: 80
Power: 60
Handling: 60
Description: A large warship. Has low speed, but can carry more goods than most models.
Heavy Galleon Price Durability
Ship 8 (UW) Teak 12,600 70
Beach 18,900 80
Oak 25,200 90
Mahogany 31,500 100
Masts: 2~3 (3,900 per mast)
Capacity: 1,000
Maximum Arms: 100
Industry: 1,000
3-Point Sails 4-Point Sails
Power: 37
Handling: 75
Power: 50
Handling: 56
Description: A rare craft specifically built to dominate enemy warships. Can be optimized for long-distance trading.


Figureheads help decrease the occurrences of natural disasters. Only one can be installed at a time. Higher-quality figureheads become available once a port's economy improves.

The Venus figurehead is a random sale offered in ports with maxed out economy and industry levels.

Figurehead Price
Figurehead 1 (UW) Swan 1,000
Figurehead 2 (UW) Eagle 2,000
Figurehead 3 (UW) Unicorn 4,000
Figurehead 4 (UW) Lion 8,000
Figurehead 5 (UW) Dragon 16,000
Figurehead 6 (UW) Neptune 32,000
Figurehead 7 (UW) Venus 30,000


Gun Power Range Price x Market Rate
Saker Weak 2 Spaces 100 x Market Rate
Culverin Weak 3 Spaces 100 x Market Rate
Cannon Strong 2 Spaces 200 x Market Rate


Rank Fame Reward Haggle
Commoner None None 5%
Page 400 2,000 10%
Squire 1,600 10,000 15%
Knight 3,600 15,000 20%
Baronet 6,400 20,000 25%
Baron 10,000 15,000 30%
Viscount 14,400 24,000 35%
Count 19,600 21,000 40%
Marquis 25,600 24,000 45%
Duke 32,400 36,000 50%


Items can help the protagonist survive at sea and are commonly sold in Guilds.

Item Price Usage Availability
Telescope 1,000 Inspects fleets from a distance. Makes it easier to locate ports. Alexandria, Antwerp, Argin, Baghdad, Ceylon, Genoa, Hamburg, Istanbul, London, Marseille, Mozambique, Oslo, Panama, Pernambuco, Pisa, Valencia
Sextant 800 Measures latitude and longitude. Alexandria, Antwerp, Argin, Bordeaux, Ceylon, Genoa, Istanbul, Lisbon, London, Marseille, Mecca, Mozambique, Pernambuco, Pisa, Seville, Valencia, Venice, Veracruz
Speculum 12,000 Displays the player's current position on the map. Argin, Calicut, Ceylon, Mecca, Venice, Zeiton
Nymph Amulet 1,500 Raises defense by a small amount. Argin, Bordeaux, Ceylon, Goa, Naples, Venice, Veracruz
Sun Amulet 3,000 Raises defense by a medium amount. Oslo, Valencia
Angel Amulet 7,500 Raises defense by a large amount. Hamburg, Istanbul, London
Shining Amulet 12,000 Raises defense by a vast amount. Baghdad, Calicut, Macao, Mecca
Dagger 750 Meagerly increases crew's Melee attack. Antwerp, Lisbon, Mozambique, Oslo, Panama, Pisa, Seville, Valencia
Sword 2,000 Moderately increases crew's Melee attack. Alexandria, Bordeaux, Genoa, Istanbul, Lisbon, Panama
Sabre 3,500 Largely increases crew's Melee attack. Baghdad, Calicut, Goa, Hamburg, London, Naples, Panama, Pernambuco, Seville, Veracruz
Chinese Sword 8,000 Vastly increases crew's Melee attack. Macao, Zeiton
Falcon Icon 1,200 Small boost to Gun attack. Genoa, Hamburg, Lisbon, Naples, Seville
Hawk Icon 4,800 Medium boost to Gun attack. Alexandria, Bordeaux, Oslo, Pernambuco, Venice, Veracruz
Eagle Icon 9,600 Large boost Gun attack. Antwerp, Mozambique
Dragon Icon 15,000 Vastly boosts Gun attack. Baghdad, Calicut, Goa, Macao, Mecca, Zeiton


Treasures can be sold for gold or used to impress Princess Christiana.

These treasures can be purchased at these ports:

  • Gold Bracelet - Macao, Zeiton
  • Silver Rosary - Naples, Pisa
  • Pearl Bracelet - Marseille
Item Sell Price
Silver Rosary 800
Ring 2,000
Coral Ring 2,000
Pearl Bracelet 2,600
Ivory Box 4,000
Coral Bracelet 5,000
Gold Bracelet 7,000
Silver Comb 8,000
Candlestick 8,000
Jewelled Ladle 9,000
Opal 9,500
Sapphire 10,000
Gold Nugget 12,000
Ruby 12,000
Emerald 13,000
Crown 15,000


Deeds Fame
Discover ports in Europe. 20
Discover supply ports. 100
Discover ports in Africa. 120
Discover ports in the Americas and Arabia. 220
Discover ports in Asia. 320
Fulfill market requests. 200
Fulfill inn requests. 1,150
Fulfill guild requests. 2,000
Defeat merchant fleets in battle. 250 *
Defeat warships in battle. 700 *


Sailing Commands
  • Move - Commands that involve steering and positioning.
    • Direction - Tack ship to change direction.
    • Cast Anchor - Maintain current position by dropping anchor and removing sails. Prevents ships from drifting carelessly.
  • Look - Commands that involve checking one's own surroundings.
    • Inspect - Use telescope to inspect nearby ships or ports.
    • Survey - Use sextant to calculate current position.
    • Negotiate - Interact with a nearby ship for news or hints. Triggers a battle if used on pirates or hostile fleets during the day.
  • Battle - Begin a battle with a nearby ship.
  • Debark - Commands that involve landing a ship.
    • Port Call - Enter the harbor of an adjacent port.
    • Go Ashore - Land on the shore and camp out. Crew members will not consume as much supplies during this command.
  • Information - Information-related commands.
    • Fleet - View current status of fleet.
    • Cargo - Inspect goods carried on board.
    • Land - Use speculum to map out current position.
    • Mates - View current status of player and recruited mates.
    • Items - Check item inventory.
  • Order - Logistics-related commands.
    • Ration - Adjust food and water rations for crew members.
    • Distribute - Reward mates with gold to keep their loyalty high.
    • Personnel - Reassign navigators to different ships.
    • Dispose - Abandon a ship to sea. Cannot use this command if captain is aboard the target ship.
On Shore Commands
  • Sail - Set sail to sea by leaving the shore.
  • Fix - Use own lumber to repair damaged ships.
  • Wait - Wait for several days. Ends by tapping the action button.
  • Search - Search-related commands.
    • Water - Find a spring to refill water supply.
    • Treasure - Locate hidden treasure. Works on areas crossed on the map.
  • Transfer - Commands involving reassignment of crew and cargo.
    • Crew - Transfer crew between different ships.
    • Cargo - Transfer cargo between different ships.
Harbor Commands
  • Sail - Set sail to sea by exiting the port.
  • Restock - Stock up on water, food, and lumber; the last two cost gold.
  • Transfer - Transfer men and supplies between different ships.
Lodge Commands
  • View - View miscellaneous data.
    • Mates - Review status of own characters.
    • Fleet - Review status of own ships.
    • Port - Display a port's current status. Includes data on economy and industry levels, support ratings towards the three major powers, and local price index.
  • Lodging - Spend a whole night at the lodge.
Inn Commands
  • Crew - Commands involving human resources.
    • Recruit - Hire crewmen to join the fleet. Amount depends on the port's economy.
    • Assign - Reassign crewmen to different ships.
  • Find Mates - Recruit new navigators if any are available.
  • Quit Mates - Dismiss current navigators.
  • Gossip - Listen for news from other sailors. May provide useful hints.
  • Tip - Tip the waitress to receive interesting news. Can be done multiple times to earn the waitress's favor.
  • Gamble - Play Poker or Blackjack for extra money. Limit cap is determined by the port's economy. In Poker, players must come up with a superior hand and wager as many rounds as possible to win. Blackjack is a less risky game that requires a hand lesser than or equal to 21.
Guild Commands
  • Purchase - Buy items that improve navigation and battle skills.
  • Sell - Sell unneeded items.
  • Nation Information - Display a nation's revenue, hostility, and friendship levels. Requires a small sum of gold.
Shipyard Commands
  • Buy - Commands involving the purchase of ships.
    • Buy Used Ship - Buy an old ship. Costs less than new ones.
    • Build New Ship - Commission a new ship to be built. More expensive than used vessels, but provides further customization features.
  • Sell - Sell useless ships. Flagship cannot be sold unless the captain switches vessels.
  • Fix - Pay ship builder to repair current fleet.
  • Remodel - Commands involving ship remodeling.
    • Guns - Buy new guns. Unneeded guns can be sold for half the price.
    • Sails - Change current sails.
    • Figurehead - Adorn figurehead to ship for good luck, mitigating the chances of natural disasters from occurring.
    • Rename Ship - Rename ship for a minimum fee.
  • Invest - Invest money on shipyard. Raises port's industry level in proportion to the amount of gold given. Cannot be done in Lisbon, Seville, and Istanbul.
Marketplace Commands
  • Sell - Sell current goods.
  • Buy - Buy local goods.
  • View Market - Check current rates of local market.
  • Invest - Invest money on market. Raises port's economy level in proportion to the amount of gold given. Cannot be done in Lisbon, Seville, and Istanbul.
Palace Commands
  • Meet King/Sultan - Receive an audience with a ruler to check his nation's influence in other ports.
  • Secret Call - Woo Princess Christiana in secret. Only available in Lisbon. Options to impress her include professing the protagonist's love, giving her flowers, or presenting valuable treasures as presents. Her favor enables the player to obtain more funds from the King of Portugal.
  • Request - Request-related commands.
    • Funds - Request for additional funds.
    • Crew - Request for additional crewmen.
  • Savings - Deposit up to 10,000,000 gold in the ruler's care. Only available in Lisbon.
  • Mediterranean Ports - 30
  • North European Ports - 120
  • West African Ports - 270
  • East African Ports - 480
  • American Ports - 750
  • Arabian Ports - 1,080
  • Southeast Asian Ports - 1,920
  • East Asian Ports - 2,470
War Commands
  • Move - Move forward using mobility points. The direction of the wind as well as various obstacles may change the ship's speed. Cannot be used if adjacent to an enemy ship.
  • Stop - Remain on current position.
  • View - View status of all hostile ships in battle. The top number is listed as durability whereas the bottom value represents crewmen.
  • Fire - Fire hostile ships from a distance to reduce their durability. Available if guns are equipped on the ship. Can only fire two or three panels away from both sides depending on the type of gun being used.
  • Rush - Storm an adjacent enemy ship to reduce their crewmen's numbers. Command is effective if the attacker has more sailors than the target.
  • Flee - Lead own ships away from battle. Weak navigators are prone to capture while disloyal ones will flee with their ship in tow.

Battle ExperienceEdit

Combat experience can be earned by winning battles. Gain battle levels to increase their attack parameters. Sinking enemy ships yield bonus points, but the amount received varies depending on the target's model.

Each attack performed by a character is worth 2 experience points.

  • Latin - 100
  • Bergantin - 800
  • Nao - 1,600
  • Carrack - 2,500
  • Galleon - 3,600

The highest battle level a character can attain is 50. Below is a list of levels and their respective experience requirements.

  • Level 1 - 0
  • Level 2 - 50
  • Level 3 - 200
  • Level 4 - 450
  • Level 5 - 800
  • Level 6 - 1,250
  • Level 7 - 1,800
  • Level 8 - 2,450
  • Level 9 - 3,200
  • Level 10 - 4,050
  • Level 11 - 5,000
  • Level 12 - 6,050
  • Level 13 - 7,200
  • Level 14 - 8,450
  • Level 15 - 9,800
  • Level 16+ - 12,000

Character ReferenceEdit

External LinksEdit

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