Navigators are crew members in charge of leading a ship within a fleet, some of which are based on historical explorers. They are found in various ports and will join depending on the player's level and charisma; low-leveled navigators are more likely to be recruited than experienced ones. It is recommended to recruit at least three or four inexperienced mates with high loyalty values since their stat growth tends to be higher upon leveling up. Disloyal navigators are more likely to desert unless they are constantly paid. Characters on standby will serve as the first mate, giving players advice and tips when needed.

Below is a list of character stats and their functions. Only Leon's stats are adjustable in the PC and console versions.

  • Charisma - Called Authority in the PC version. Helps negotiate prices in markets aligned with Portugal and raises the chances of recruiting a free navigator. Also increases the character's ability to lead a fleet.
  • Wisdom - Called Judgement in the PC version. Helps mates detect disasters early on and raises sailing proficiency.
  • Intelligence - Raises a navigator's ability to maneuver ships.
  • Courage - Greatly raises a character's gun proficiency while providing a marginal increase to melee ability.
  • Strength - Greatly raises a character's melee ability while providing a marginal increase to gun proficiency.
  • Loyalty - The amount of loyalty a navigator has towards the player as well as their affiliation with a particular faction. It is maintained through monetary rewards and suffers when the individual's preferred faction is attacked. Drop in loyalty varies between different characters based on the player's own charisma.
  • Age - The character's own age. It increases each year starting in January.
  • Battle Level - Earned by winning battles. Raises courage and strength per level.
  • Sailing Level - Earned by traveling at sea and discovering new ports. Raises charisma, wisdom, and intellect per level.
  • Area - The location where the individual is commonly found as a free navigator.

First MatesEdit

Navigator Stats
Alfonso Loyalty: Spain
Age: 31
Battle Level: 10
Sailing Level: 10
Area: Seville
Charisma: 85
Wisdom: 72
Intelligence: 75
Courage: 80
Strength: 68
Alfonso (UWPC) Alfonso (UW)
Aljeuna Loyalty: Turkey
Age: 18
Battle Level: 5
Sailing Level: 1
Area: Calicut
Charisma: 81
Wisdom: 83
Intelligence: 75
Courage: 79
Strength: 72
Aljeuna (UWPC) Aljeuna (UW)
Americus Loyalty: Portugal
Age: 49
Battle Level: 7
Sailing Level: 7
Area: Marseille
Charisma: 74
Wisdom: 75
Intelligence: 69
Courage: 63
Strength: 66
Americus (UWPC) Americus (UW)
Ammul Loyalty: Turkey
Age: 20
Battle Level: 2
Sailing Level: 1
Area: Hormuz
Charisma: 61
Wisdom: 65
Intelligence: 72
Courage: 55
Strength: 73
Ammul (UW)
Benedetto Loyalty: Spain
Age: 25
Battle Level: 5
Sailing Level: 4
Area: Istanbul
Charisma: 79
Wisdom: 83
Intelligence: 65
Courage: 74
Strength: 69
Benedetto (UWPC) Benedetto (UW)
Christopher Loyalty: Portugal
Age: 49
Battle Level: 8
Sailing Level: 6
Area: Santo Domingo
Charisma: 88
Wisdom: 79
Intelligence: 73
Courage: 82
Strength: 74
Christopher (UWPC) Christopher (UW)
Conrad Loyalty: Pirate
Age: 16
Battle Level: 2
Sailing Level: 3
Area: Genoa
Charisma: 61
Wisdom: 52
Intelligence: 55
Courage: 89
Strength: 94
Conrad (UWPC) Conrad (UW)
Cyran Loyalty: Portugal
Age: 16
Battle Level: 3
Sailing Level: 2
Area: Mozambique
Charisma: 65
Wisdom: 59
Intelligence: 68
Courage: 75
Strength: 80
Cyran (UW)
Dias Loyalty: Portugal
Age: 50
Battle Level: 28
Sailing Level: 28
Area: Pernambuco
Charisma: 92
Wisdom: 95
Intelligence: 78
Courage: 83
Strength: 65
Dias (UWPC) Dias (UW)
Fernando Loyalty: Portugal
Age: 20
Battle Level: 6
Sailing Level: 5
Area: Lisbon
Charisma: 92
Wisdom: 80
Intelligence: 75
Courage: 80
Strength: 75
Fernando (UWPC) Fernando (UW)
Francisco Loyalty: Spain
Age: 18
Battle Level: 1
Sailing Level: 1
Area: Alexandria
Charisma: 62
Wisdom: 74
Intelligence: 86
Courage: 49
Strength: 32
Francisco (UW)
Jose Loyalty: Spain
Age: 16
Battle Level: 1
Sailing Level: 1
Area: Seville
Charisma: 51
Wisdom: 83
Intelligence: 95
Courage: 44
Strength: 41
Jose (UW)
Leon Franco Loyalty: Portugal
Age: 16
Battle Level: 1
Sailing Level: 1
Area: Lisbon
Charisma: 75
Wisdom: 80
Intelligence: 60
Courage: 70
Strength: 70
Leon Franco (UWPC) Leon Franco (UW)
Marco Loyalty: Portugal
Age: 14
Battle Level: 1
Sailing Level: 1
Area: Lisbon
Charisma: 55
Wisdom: 72
Intelligence: 64
Courage: 79
Strength: 53
Marco (UWPC) Marco (UW)
Miguel Loyalty: Pirate
Age: 17
Battle Level: 1
Sailing Level: 1
Area: Algiers
Charisma: 86
Wisdom: 64
Intelligence: 66
Courage: 86
Strength: 91
Miguel (UW)
Nicolas Loyalty: Portugal
Age: 27
Battle Level: 1
Sailing Level: 1
Area: Antwerp
Charisma: 49
Wisdom: 80
Intelligence: 98
Courage: 38
Strength: 47
Nicolas (UWPC) Nicolas (UW)
Oswaldo Loyalty: Portugal
Age: 21
Battle Level: 1
Sailing Level: 1
Area: Venice
Charisma: 65
Wisdom: 52
Intelligence: 62
Courage: 59
Strength: 58
Oswaldo (UWPC) Oswaldo (UW)
Regis Loyalty: Portugal
Age: 28
Battle Level: 4
Sailing Level: 7
Area: Istanbul
Charisma: 72
Wisdom: 75
Intelligence: 67
Courage: 81
Strength: 62
Regis (UWPC) Regis (UW)
Rinaldo Loyalty: Pirate
Age: 26
Battle Level: 1
Sailing Level: 2
Area: Mombasa
Charisma: 25
Wisdom: 23
Intelligence: 17
Courage: 44
Strength: 60
Rinaldo (UW)
Roberto Loyalty: Spain
Age: 25
Battle Level: 1
Sailing Level: 1
Area: Marseille
Charisma: 76
Wisdom: 88
Intelligence: 100
Courage: 48
Strength: 55
Roberto (UWPC) Roberto (UW)
Vicente Loyalty: Spain
Age: 38
Battle Level: 5
Sailing Level: 6
Area: Genoa
Charisma: 62
Wisdom: 70
Intelligence: 58
Courage: 62
Strength: 73
Vicente (UWPC) Vicente (UW)


Portuguese NavigatorsEdit

Spanish NavigatorsEdit

Turkish NavigatorsEdit





  • "I'm not staying for this! Time for me to leave!"
  • "So long! You'll have to fight this out on your own!"
  • "Cap'n, the sun's setting. We can't go on fighting."
  • "At this rate we're finished for sure. Let's pull out"
  • "Now there's a bit o' wisdom! Let's sail away!"
  • "Now things should be a bit quieter in this part of the sea."
  • "We were lucky to escape!"
  • "Cap'n, the head count doesn't tally. I fear we lost a few mates."
  • "All hands aided in our success!"
  • "Captain, your battle skill has improved!"


  • "Now that we've met, you're doomed!"
  • "Let's show the boy what pirates are made of!"
  • "Soon you will beg for mercy."
  • "You pirate! You think we'll give in without a fight?"
  • "Ha! I'll slash ye down before ye make another move!"
  • "Never! You'll have to fight for it, ye yellow-belly!"
  • "Blasted curs! Pull away, maties!"
  • "I'll never forget this!"
  • "Blast! We're through, maties!"
  • "Im-impossible! I'm not ready to die!"
  • "Are ye running away, youngster?"
  • "The (Ruler) will hear about this!"
  • "This is the end for us! Glory to (Nation)!"

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