The following is a list of common troop and officer types found in One Piece: Pirate Warriors.



Consists of Pirates, Marines, Sky Island Soldiers, Agents, and Jailers. Numerous but weak.

  • Melee - Enemies who rely on direct attacks. Pirates fight with clubs and axes, Jailers use sticks, while Marines and Agents wield swords.
  • Gunner - Also known as Sappers. They can shoot from afar.
  • Rope - These troops use ropes to entangle the enemy and lash them around.
  • Barbed - Enemies armed with barbed spikes on their shoulders. They can ram into a character at quick speeds.
  • Bomb - Enemies who carry bombs can throw them. If killed, the resulting blast will damage enemies.

Unit CommandersEdit

  • Broadsword - This type of commander is armed with a giant sword and is very agile. (Arlong's moveset is partially derived from this type.)
  • Axe - This commander can use heavy swings to inflict massive damage. (Don Krieg's moveset is partially derived from this type.)
  • Club - Giant pirates can use their clubs to smash enemies and swipe up rocks. (Jozu's moveset is partially derived from this type.)
  • Unarmed - Unarmed commanders who utilize energy attacks from their feet. (Blueno's moveset is partially derived from this type.)
  • Spear - Slightly obese, but very fast. These Marines and Sky Island Generals can quickly slice enemies with their spears. (Hannyabal's moveset is partially derived from this type.)
  • Martial Artist - Marine soldiers who fight with agility.
  • Bazooka - Marine officers who use flying kicks and fire bazookas.
  • Claw - Pirates who use claws on their arms to slice enemies.
  • Pacifista - These mechanized soldiers modeled on Bartholomew Kuma can fire lasers from their hands and mouth.

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