The following is a list of common troop and officer types exclusively found in the Warriors Orochi series. Models for soldiers and generals from the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors series appear and use like movesets. Troops are able to perform single attacks by themselves and in coordination with other like units. Officers can perform combo strings but are unable to use Musou attacks.



With the exception of his generals, the bulk of Orochi's armies all share the same appearance. They have a pale blue skin, white hair and are shirtless. They can wield an assortment of weapons:

  • Sword - a style adapted from Samurai Warriors. Uses kicks and curved swings.
  • Spear - a style adapted from Samurai Warriors. Uses kicks and curved swings.
  • Bow - shoots arrows from afar. Generally fires randomly, sometimes as a group, sometimes in succession.

The counterparts that are led by Tamamo look severely different, sporting a different hairstlyle, a much more brown skin tone and a much more wild appearance to reflect their untamed nature.

Generic OfficersEdit

  • Generals - The most common general. They are blue and have a stocky build. They also have a mouthpiece that looks like fangs and share visual traits similar to a medieval interrogator or executioner. Their attack style is as follows:
  • Sword - Same as peons but now uses a full combo system.
  • Naginata - For some reason although it's a weapon in and of itself in Samurai Warriors the moveset is that of the spear moveset of the game.
  • Spear - Same as the generics from Dynasty Warriors.

Kyubi no Kitsune also has these generals in her army, and they look similar to the original except they have their fangs covered by a mask that conveys a red symbol.


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