• SneaselSawashiro

    Of course, with all the dumbass damage I've done on this wiki (stop promoting, this is not accurate, stop fluffing why the **** you fluffing, you could've done this instead you dumbass why didn't you do it in the first place); at last there's a proper place to post all of my prior garbage.

    And yes, cue ALL the incoming "why are you still doing this, we've asked you so many times to not contribute in this way go to something that has stubs and stick to attack data blah blah blah Lur Bu's Japanese named weapon lit. means Kokushi Musou etc etc etc".

    Well, *sigh*.....I'm going to be driven nuts soon. But hey, you're not here to have a "pity party", you're here to give out red cards because I can't tread wikia's fine rules. Moving on though (I'm …

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