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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Uso Ewin.

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2Edit

  • "Some things are impossible, even for Newtypes."
  • "Uso Ewin in the V2 Gundam. Go!"
  • "You can't get me!"
  • "I'll get you!"
  • "Wings of Fire!"
  • "Why you!!"
  • "Sorry if that hurt!"
  • "Fly, Gundam! Fly!"
  • "I won't let anyone else die!"
  • "Alright! Here we go, Amuro!"
  • "Let's do it, Seabook!"
  • "You want an eye for an eye?!"
  • "It's insane to think you can change the world through war!"
  • "This is what happens when pilots fight each other!"
  • "Check it out. I'm ambidextrous!"
  • "You can't blind the pilot of the V2!"
  • "I'm doing this for the real creators of life: women."

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3Edit

  • "There's no such thing as a safe weapon!"
  • "Have some beam-spray gun!"
  • "All-Range cannon!"
  • "I'm happy to help!"
  • "Don't throw your lives away!"
  • "How did things turn out so bad? It's like they can read my mind!"
  • "My Wings of Light will crush any enemy!"
  • "I know we all have to die sometime, but not like this..."
  • "What group are you with? You keep getting in my way!"
  • "Yes, I can do this!"
  • "A hate-filled heart will destroy itself!"
  • "You can't blind the pilot of the V2!"
  • "This is what happens when pilots fight each other!"
  • "Don't come any closer! I'll shoot! I really will!"
  • "I'm doing this for the real creators of life: women."
  • "Please, don't make me a murderer!"
  • "If you think I'm feeling down, think again!"
  • "Why won't they just stay out of my way?"
  • "All living things out grow their parents. All parents die after they've had children."
  • "Women make the world. Men protect it. Isn't that what war is about?"
  • "You mean, I'm a True Gundam Dynasty Warrior!?"
  • "Remember, everybody! Teamwork will win the battle!"
  • "Understand them? The enemy? How could we understand them?"
  • "I don't want to be anyone's dream... I don't want to be anyone's tool, either!"
  • "I've taken an enemy field!"
  • "Will I be able to forgive those I hate, and leave vengeance behind me?"
  • "Check it out. I'm ambidextrous!"
  • "See? I told you we'd win!"

Dynasty Warriors Gundam RebornEdit

  • "Calm down! I'm in the fight now."

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