Character Information
Devil Eight
Real form:
Giant brown rat
Mythological Information
Real name:
Chinese name:
Also known as:
Divine name(s):
Vala is the same name for a mystical being who appears in Rig Veda.

Vala (ヴァラ) is a secondary antagonist in Saiyuki: Journey West. He was formerly a god of music before he became a member of the Devil Eight with his wife Apsara.

Role in GameEdit

Sanzo's party first meets Vala and his wife at Helmet Peak, not soon after seeing Luna for the first time. He tries to bide for a peaceful encounter but is subservient to his wife's wishes and attacks. He will either stay on the field to avenge his wife's defeat or flee once he is beaten. Either result sends them back to Heaven for their recovery.

On Asura's orders, the husband and wife wait for the monk to arrive at Port Town. They issue a formal challenge for the staff at Wing Mountain. After their momentary withdraw, Vala parts with his wife and blocks the common path leading towards Thunder Temple with boulders. Morphing into his true form, he fights the ally party. Though defeated, he leaves behind a cryptic message of all life ending in their immediate future.


Vain and pompous, Vala believes he is the ultimate example for beauty and strength. As such, he doesn't think highly of his fellow Devils. Though he acts like a gentleman, Vala is actually a vicious individual who enjoys destruction. He is chivalrous and loyal to his wife at least, seeking to avenge her strife whenever possible.

Fighting StyleEdit

His human form is a strong mid-ranged fighter. He'll either poke at Sanzo's parties with his abilities or try to assault the party with his damaging physical attack. Should the player leave Apsara alone, Vala will charge down the mountain top of the map for combat. When his wife is assaulted, he may abandon his original plans to defend her. For this battle, it maybe wiser to take on either lover individually since they are a team made to support one another. Vala is all about offense so separating him from his healing wife may damper his chances of restoring himself.

Vala's true form attacks with one-hit wonder blows and targets a single party member per turn. He has high health and a decent movement range. The lack of variety for his attacks, however, makes him one of the easier Devils to defeat. He will head towards the party within striking distance and rarely invokes anything that can devastate the field. In fact, the hardest part of the battle stems from his long distance support team of archers and fliers, whom may hamper the heroes' health and may cause their characters' health to cripple enough for Vala's strikes to have a meaningful effect.


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