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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Vergo.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3Edit

  • "We must kill everyone."
  • "It's been decided... Don't let anyone escape."
  • "It's fine. Run. This goes for everyone."
  • "Is it okay to team up with you?"
  • "Just complete your goals."
  • "The opponent isn't someone we should be afraid of."
  • "I'm going to crush these twerps."
  • "Your fate is sealed here."
  • "You're pretty clever."
  • "What, you didn't think I would come?"
  • "Any incoming enemies will be smashed to pieces."
  • "I'll handle those who know my true form."
  • "Though I spent many years in the Marines, when I betray them I think I'll crush them as well."
  • "To think that I would have to help you guys out... Putting up with everything is such a chore."
  • "With enough willpower, even a bamboo stick can be deadly!"
  • "Seems like you actually may have some strength."
  • "Taste the piercing strike of my Color of Arms Haki!!"
  • "Your results are outstanding. I've seen with my own eyes your true power."
  • "I wouldn't say I'm in trouble at this point..."
  • "I wanted to do something..."
  • "Well this was unexpected..."
  • "You know your powers well."
  • "Good thing I came."
  • "This is our territory from now on!"
  • "Do you want me to lose my cool?"
  • "Going in. Don't weigh me down."
  • "Listen to what I say. Got it?"
  • "You're superb in both tactics and might."
  • "Such an uncontrollable wild dog..."
  • "Ah... That's to bad. I'll relay everything to Doffy."
  • "Don't expect me to break with a kick like that!"
  • "I'll be sure to file this under "accident", alright?"
  • "Do you honestly think you can compare to me?"
  • "I can't bare to watch."
  • "You're really making a name for yourself, Law."
  • "You damn brats should know your place!"
  • "You're not going to get far with just courage..."
  • "Need a hand?"
  • "This is what happens if you're not strong."
  • "Seems like I've been saved."
  • "I'll make you truly understand where you stand."
  • "I'll have to kill you now since you've seen me."
  • "This is what happens if you're not strong."
  • "They'll never take it away from us..."
  • "Nothing goes well if I'm not there, huh..."
  • "You will absolutely regret this!"
  • "Dammit... You got me...!"

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