This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Volga.

Hyrule WarriorsEdit

  • "I am Volga and I will be your doom."
  • "Ah, the heat of battle. Let's enjoy it!"
  • "Make peace with your gods... before I make pieces of you!"
  • "You're outmatched."
  • "Victory is mine."
  • "Where are your real warriors?!"
  • "How unfortunate for you that we should meet..."
  • "That was easier than I expected."
  • "Am I left alone? Fine. I prefer it that way."
  • "I've become careless... I must ask for some help!"
  • "Hmph... Perhaps I'll enjoy this."
  • "You will all burn."
  • "I'm in your debt..."
  • "Such incredible strength!"
  • "Give me the power to overcome..."
  • "Why don't you challenge me again when you're a little stronger..."
  • "Not bad. I hope to fight you again someday."
  • "I take no pleasure in this, but it is done."
  • "Trivial. Where are the real foes?"
  • "Save your breath for fighting."
  • "I've come to... ugh... aid your cause. Together we will make short work of these creatures."
  • "As I suspected, the constant use of dark magic is unhinging the great sorceress."
  • "Don't make me laugh! I was expecting a battle worth my time, not this child's play!"
  • "You haven't defeated me. You've merely hidden behind your shield, human and otherwise."
  • "A powerful presence... Let us match blows!"
  • "I'll take you all on by myself!"
  • "That's it? Your obedience is bought so cheaply?"
  • "Well then, I guess I won."
  • "Yes... A warrior worthy of my respect!"
  • "I would have defeated you if not for the sky lord's interference..."
  • "Wait there. I'm coming."

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