Wakana Yamazaki (山崎 和佳奈, Yamazaki Wakana, born March 21, 1965 in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture) is a Japanese voice actor and narrator who is affiliated with Aoni Production. She was raised in Kyoto and attended Doshisha University for a degree in engineering and participated in the small theatrical group, Gekidan Sotobakomachi, while still enrolled in college. Yamazaki graduated with a Class II Information Technology Engineer Examination degree and worked at an Omron store in Kyoto after her graduation. Finding that she could continue pursuing her interest in the performing arts, however, she attended Aoni Jyuku (Aoni Production's educational program) in Osaka.

When she passed the program, she made her professional debut as a voice actor in the early nineties. Known for voicing mature and feminine characters, she is well known for voicing Sophia Forrester in Last Exile, Ran Mouri in Detective Conan, and Mystina from Valkyrie Profile. Yamazaki's other talents aside from voice acting include social dancing, stage fighting, and Tai chi chuan.

Yamazaki admits she enjoys voicing Okuni since the character allows her to freely speak with the Kyoto dialect. Since she was raised in the city and knows the dialect well, she has it listed as one of her voice talents.

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  • Tokyo Game Show 2011 Cosplay Contest Stage Event

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