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This is the list of commonly heard quotes from Wapol.

One Piece: Pirate WarriorsEdit

  • "Ha ha ha ha! The king of the Drum Kingdom has appeared!"
  • "Article 1 of Drum's constitution: Those who defy the king must die!"
  • "Ah ha ha ha! Everything here is like candy to me!"
  • "Ah ha ha ha! All the people I wanted to kill, all in one place!"
  • "You've been rude to me far too long!"
  • "Gahh! I can't wait to digest you!"
  • "The king himself is here to end this battle!"
  • "Time to taste the miracle only a king can bring you!"
  • "You look gross, but I'll eat you up anyway!"
  • "Which of you hippos did that to me?!"
  • "Gahhh! I'll execute you all with my ultimate royal attack!"

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2Edit

  • "I'll show you just how great the King is...!"
  • "Kill every one of them!"
  • "Mahahahaha! Starting right now this is my land!"
  • "Yes, this is my territory! Anyone who comes in, will be executed! Mahahahaha!"
  • "I took the fool's territory! Mahahahaha!"
  • "How dare you behave so rudely to me so many times?!"
  • "Hmmm... it looks horrible but I'll suck it up and eat it!"
  • "Grrr! I'll digest it!"
  • "Grrr! At a time like this everyone must be executed with the ultimate royal attack!"
  • "I still want more to devour!"
  • "No, no... This doesn't satisfy me at all."
  • "Who got in my way just now? It's death for you!"
  • "Who's the idiot being excessive?!"
  • "De-li-cious!"
  • "After all, the seven Warlords of the Sea are also just Pirates, King is much more elite! Mahaha!"
  • "You want to oppose me?! Don't be so stupid, you fool!"
  • "The invincible king descended to earth right here! Mahahaha!"
  • "I'm gonna run! Don't try to chase me!"

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3Edit

  • "I'll show you just how great the King is...!"
  • "Good! Now go and die for the King!"
  • "Come on! I'm ready for a snack!"
  • "Mah ha ha ha ha! I'll rebuild the Drum Kingdom after this victory here!"
  • "Touching the king's stuff is punishable by death!"
  • "Serves you right for rebelling against the king!"
  • "Mere marines should not oppose a king!"
  • "A Seven Warlord of the Sea? This'll take me far!"
  • "Hmmm... It looks horrible but I'll suck it up and eat it!"
  • "You let your guard down! You fool!"
  • "Experience the miracle of the King!"
  • "I don't like you one bit... So I'm gonna eat you!"
  • "The invincible king descended to earth right here! Mahahaha!"
  • "I like you! I'll give you a reward! Hell I'll even give you a medal!"
  • "You are strong... but no ambition, eh? Not aiming for my throne, are you?"
  • "You've got a delicious body!"
  • "My country doesn't need any quacks or monsters."
  • "Don't get carried away just cause you're a pirate!"
  • "Surprisingly, you're doing well."
  • "Not yet, not yet. I'm still not satisfied!"
  • "Damn you! Trying to make a boron of me, are you?!"
  • "Oh... I thought I was going to die for sure."
  • "Grrr! I'll digest it!"
  • "Good job! Do it more!"
  • "I'm gonna run! Don't try to chase me!"
  • "Remember that! You bastard!"

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