Deluxe Edition BonusesEdit

Purchase the Deluxe Edition of the game to acquire three unique weapons for three characters.

Store BonusesEdit

Purchase the game at the following stores to obtain one of the following unique costumes.

Pre-Order BonusesEdit

Reserve an early copy of the game to acquire the following bonus content.

Save Data BonusEdit

Stock Experience

Start the game with a save file of Warriors Orochi 3 and its Ultimate expansion to acquire stock experience in proportion to the player's total number of kills. Up to 100,000 stock experience points can be acquired.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Outfits

Start the game with a save file of Dynasty Warriors 9 to obtain costumes of Zhenji, Daqiao, Yueying, Wang Yuanji, and Diaochan from that title.

Season PassEdit

Adds the following content to the game at a later date.

September 27
  • Costumes for Wang Yuanji and Mitsunari Ishida.
  • Special mount Kelpie.
October 4
  • Costumes for Lu Xun and Gracia.
  • Special mount Behemoth.
October 11
  • Costumes for Kai and Guan Yinping.
  • Special mount Sleipnir.
October 18
  • Costumes for Daqiao and Kunoichi.
  • Special mount Fenrir.
October 25
  • Costumes for Lu Lingqi and Naotora Ii.
  • Special mount Catoblepas.
  • 8 new Sacred Treasures.
  • 5 new stages.
  • 5 new background music tracks.
  • A new challenge mode.
November 29
  • 8 new Sacred Treasures.
  • 5 new stages.
  • 5 new background music tracks.
  • Another challenge mode with different gameplay from that introduced in the first.

Legendary CostumesEdit

Unique, varied modern-style costumes from Dynasty Warriors 8 and individually-styled Yukatas from Samurai Warriors 4: Empires, for their respective characters. Warriors Orochi characters (except Diamondback) and Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends characters obtain recolors of their base outfits.

Legendary WeaponsEdit

Five-star unique weapons from Dynasty Warriors 8 and Samurai Warriors 4 as well as lighthearted weapons from Warriors Orochi 3, plus new weapon designs for characters introduced in Warriors Orochi 4. 

Every single weapon in the pack is equipped with powerful +10 weapon attributes as well as the highest total attack rating for all 170 characters. The weapons are available from the beginning of the game. Allows playing higher difficulties with ease from level one.

Legendary MountsEdit

Contains the following mounts from Dynasty Warriors 8 and Samurai Warriors 4.

War Elephant, Bear, Panda, Hex Mark, Storm, Mammoth, Ghost, Black Shadow, Silver Coat, Iron Coat

ω-Force 20th Anniversary Concert BGM PackEdit

Contains the following soundtracks performed live, introduced in disc format in the Treasure Box edition:

DYNASTY WARRIORS | CYCLONIZED TYPHOON | SLASH THE DEMON | ARENA | SLASH IT; THRASH ALL | GREAT RED SPIRIT | Anegawa | Kawanakajima | Tadakatsu Honda's Theme | Komaki-Nagakute | Tetorigawa | A Fighting Chance | Demon Slayers | Chthonian Fiend | Pyropteryx | Wingspawn | Raging Inferno | THE WALL OF FATE ~God of War~ The Heroes' Advance | THEME OF OROCHI -REBIRTH MIX- | City of Flowers | Crush'em All


PC - Steam

- Frame rate improvements

- Addition of alternate sacred treasures for Zeus, Athena, Ares, Odin, Perseus

- Removal of weapon element "Unity", addition of weapon element "Assimilation"

- Added character sorting option by faction/game origin

- Characters and weapons can now be changed during co-op/online play

- DLC weapons may now be modified in the character weapon fusion menu as opposed to only in the all weapons list menu before the update

- Some Dynasty Warriors characters' EX attacks now triggers weapon attributes and elements

- Gameplay adjustments to certain characters

Specific adjustments

- Zhang Bao no longer closes his flail sword's chain after a charge attack, causing all of his charge attacks to always perform their maximum range

- Sun Ce can now backstep during a charged attack

- Yue Jin can now sidestep during a charged attack with specific timing

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