Way of the Musou (DW3)

Way of the Musou image from Dynasty Warriors 3.

Way of the Musou

Way of the Musou image Dynasty Warriors 5.

The Way of the Musou (真乱舞書, onyomi: Shin Ranbu Sho, lit. True Wild Dance Writing) is an item in Dynasty Warriors 3 through Dynasty Warriors: Online. It lets players use a character's True Musou regardless of the condition of their health bar.

How to UnlockEdit

Suggested UseEdit

Most characters should equip the Way of the Musou, because of the fire that is imbued with the strikes, and the ending, which usually covers a wide range, useful for crowd clearing. However, some characters' True Musous lift opponents off the ground, making the musou deal half damage due to a long-series damage reduction against juggled victims, while their regular musous make enemies stay planted, dealing full damage. Thus, those with True Musous that lift enemies off the ground while their regular musou doesn't should avoid using this item or at the very least, use the Ice Orb in conjunction with their True Musous to avoid as much juggling as possible.

In Dynasty Warriors: Online this item disappears after one use and is used mainly to take down an enemy quickly with a musou. Its effects can be dampered by rain, but this is an uncommon occurrence. There is also an ability in game that acts like this item, but every single attack does twice the damage.

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