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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Wen Yang.

Dynasty Warriors 8Edit

  • "I live for the thrill of battle."
  • "Let's see what you've got!"
  • "Behold my fighting spirit!"
  • "One blow is all I need! Witness my technique!"
  • "Here I come!"
  • "My warrior's soul awakens!"
  • "Eat this! Time to end this!"
  • "I saw that!"
  • "What?!"
  • "Are there no heroes left in this land?!"
  • "The enemy can try to stop me, but they will only meet their demise!"
  • "How could I let this happen? We may not survive at this rate..."
  • "I shall never forget this victory."
  • "How could this have happened?!"
  • "This cannot be! I should've seen this coming..."
  • "You call this an ambush? Such cowardly tactics do not work on me."
  • "I have failed to perform well in this battle... I shall return later."
  • "No. I cannot die just... yet..."
  • "I have captured this area!"
  • "We shall attack as one and destroy our enemy!"
  • "Do not pull back! We are to defend this position with our lives!"
  • "I will be the one to deal with this opponent."
  • "We shall rendezvous with our allies and destroy the enemy together!"
  • "We are to capture that area. All units, follow me!"
  • "You are a True Warrior of the Three Kingdoms!"
  • "Such a fine display of skill! I have much to learn!"
  • "I am grateful for your assistance. I feel capable of anything with you nearby!"
  • "You're a True warrior of the Three Kingdoms!"
  • "That was some great fighting!"
  • "I'm going to need your help in order to make it through this. Will you lend me a hand?"
  • "Are you prepared to face me?"
  • "You came out here... alone? Very well, I shall test your skill."
  • "My thirst for battle has not been quenched. We shall meet again!"
  • "Am I... not worthy of becoming a legend?"

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