This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Wiper.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3Edit

  • "It seems the records of the Straw Hats are put here."
  • "You can go anywhere you please."
  • "No guarantee you'll survive... You better prepare!"
  • "If you're looking for a crew, you'll find them here."
  • "Make all preparations before heading out."
  • "Don't ignore history. The past links to the future."
  • "You might just find your treasure here."
  • "I'm going to eliminate the enemies!"
  • "I am mentally prepared!"
  • "Set your siights on the escape point! I will forsake anyone who is late!"
  • "You're wild."
  • "Disappear from my sight!"
  • "Today for sure I will bring it to an end."
  • "I understand your true power."
  • "This is our land!!"
  • "Shove it!!"
  • "Morons..."
  • "What a great warrior."
  • "Let's fight together... But only this time."
  • "Get the hell out of my way! I got it from here!"
  • "You shall simply be eliminated...!!"
  • "I am a proud Shandorian warrior! I will never kneel to any enemy!"
  • "This is what happens to obstacles in my way!"
  • "It's our nature to never back down! I am a proud Shandorian warrior!"
  • "If you think I'll let you do as you please, you're wrong! Follow me, Shandian warriors!"
  • "What's the hold up! Eradicate them already!!"
  • "If you get in my way I'll just have to kill you all!"
  • "I won't allow anyone to get in my way!"
  • "If it's for my hometown, I could kill 1,000 enemies too! That's how Shandorian warriors are!"
  • "Your resolution to mow down 1,000 enemies is impressive."
  • "I see... That power is comparable even to Shandian warriors!!"
  • "In the end, those blue fishmen will never come close to Shandorian warriors."
  • "Drop dead, Eneru! Don't show your face around here again!"
  • "You're pretty damn frail for a Devil Fruit user..."
  • "Just when the hell will you stop, straw hat."
  • "I'm going to bring your infuriating history to an end!!"
  • "O-Our precious fighting force!!"
  • "Right now is not the best time to waste our energy."
  • "Do not give our land to anybody!"
  • "Out of my way, you twerp!"
  • "Quit playing around..."
  • "If this keeps up... I wonder what will happen!"
  • "You honestly think... it's going to end here?!"
  • "Don't hand this area over to anyone!"
  • "Straw hat... I thought I told you not to interfere!!"
  • "Great warrior Kalgara! Please watch over us in this battle!"
  • "We will never... lose our pride...!!"
  • "So it failed huh..."

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