Jay Chou Cosplay (DWO)

Jay Chou's cosplay as Zhao Yun.

Wushuang (無雙) is a song performed by Taiwanese singer, Jay Chou. Available on his eighth Mandarin album On the Run!, it was used to promote the release of Dynasty Warriors: Online in Asian regions outside Japan. The title of the song is a direct reference the Musou aspect of the Dynasty Warriors series.


Lyrics: Vincent Fang
Arrangement: Baby Chung
Sony Music Taiwan


箭矢漫天飞舞 竟然在城墙上 遮蔽了日出
冲 你懂 你懂 你匆匆
有多少的蛮力 就拉多少的弓
听我说 武功无法高过寺院的钟
狂胜之中 我却黯然语带悲伤
青铜刀锋 不轻易用
我等待异族望天空 歃血为盟
几里外 马蹄上的尘土
序 你去 你去 你继续
开始冥想 这场战役
挥剑离去 我削铁如泥
你去 你再去
想赢的情绪 让我君临天下的驾驭

tai xian lu le mu wu
lu shen chu cui luo de meng zong zhu
luan shi dui shang you wu
zhe zhong yin ju jiao zuo jiang hu
jian wu man tian fei wu jing ran zai cheng qiang shang zhe bi le ri chu
shi shui zai ku
chong ni dong ni dong ni cong cong
you duo shao de man li jiu la duo shao de gong
ting wo shuo wu gong wu fa gao guo si yuan de zhong
chan ding de feng
jing ru shui de song
wo ming ge wu shuang
yi tong jiang shan
kuang sheng zhi zhong wo que an ran yu dai bei shang
wo yi lu an ying zha xia peng
qing tong dao feng bu qing yi yong
cang sheng wei zhong
wo ming ge wu shuang
yi tong jiang shan
po cheng zhi hou
wo que wei xiao jue bu lian zhan
wo deng dai yi zu wang tian kong sha xue wei meng
wo deng xiao zhong
yu huo wei long
can que de lao cha hu
ji li wai ma ti de chen tu
sheng lang yan de cheng chi
zhe zhong shi dao jiao zuo luan shi
na li shi yi mo hu
dao shang de xiu que chu tu de hen qing chu
shi wo zai ku
xu ni qu ni qu ni ji xu
wo qiao mu yu
kai shi ming xiang zhe chang zhan yi
wo gong cheng lue di
xiang leng xue ni xu yao yong qi
hui jian li qu wo xiao tie ru ni
ni qu ni zai qu
ni ji xu bu di wo
zhi ming de yi ji
yuan fang de heng di
chui zou ni zhan bai de xiao xi
bao chi zhe sha qi
xiang ying de qing xu rang wo jun lin tian xia de jia yu

Moss colours the wooden hut green
Far down the path is the frail Moso bamboo forest
There is mist above the heap of rocks
This seclusion is the pugilistic world
The arrows flying in the air actually block out the sunlight above the fort
Who is crying?
Charge, you know it and you hurriedly charge
Go shoot as many arrows as your strength can handle
Listen to me, martial arts can never surpass the monastery's bell
The calm wind
Pine trees, still like the water
My destiny unrivalled
Unifying the country
Amidst victories, i spoke with a tinge of sadness instead
I establish camps along the way
The bronze blade not be used at will
Having humanity in mind
My destiny is unrivalled
Unifying the country
After taking down the city
I smiled but refuse to prolong the battle
I waited for the minorities to pledge oaths of alliance
I waited for allegiance
He, who played in fire is the dragon
The tattered old teapot
Miles away, the dust on the hooves
Smoke signals constantly rising from the fortress
A chaotic era
History soon to be forgotten
Yet still shows from the rust on the sword
I am the one crying
Prologue, go on, continue the story
I strike on the temple block
And starts to ponder about this war
I attacked and raided
To be cold-blooded, you need courage
I strike my way through, swinging my razor-sharp sword
You challenge and you challenge again
You continue to lose to me
The fatal blow
The flute from afar
The sound of your defeat
Maintaining the murderous intent
This desire to win enables me to reign and rule the world

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