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Here is a collection of Xiahou Dun's weapons in the Warriors series.


Dynasty Warriors 3Edit

Weapon Information
Scimitar (朴刀)
Scimitar (DW3)
Base Attack: 18
Hits: 4
Great Scimitar (呉鉤)
Great Scimitar (DW3)
Base Attack: 33
Hits: 5
Kirin Sword (麒麟牙)
Kirin Sword (Kirin Fang)
Base Attack: 48
Hits: 6
Kirin Fang (滅麒麟牙)
Kirin Sword (Kirin Fang)
Base Attack: 48
Hits: 6
Element: Fire (Activates with C2)
Attack: 26
Bow Defense: 60
Mounted Defense: 56
Reach: 24

Dynasty Warriors 3: Xtreme LegendsEdit

Weapon Information
Tempest Sword (疾風麒麟牙)
Tempest Sword (DW3)
Base Attack: 48
Hits: 6
Element: Wind (Activates with C6)
HP Max: 82
Attack: 28
Mounted Attack: 55
Reach: 25

Dynasty Warriors 4Edit

Weapon Information
Scimitar (朴刀)
Scimitar (DW4)
Number of Hits: 4
Length: 143 cm (4'8")
Level 1 Base Attack: 16
Level 2 Base Attack: 19 (1,000 EXP)
Level 3 Base Attack: 22 (3,000 EXP)
Great Scimitar (呉鉤)
Great Scimitar (DW4)
Number of Hits: 5
Length: 153 cm (5'0")
Level 4 Base Attack: 26 (6,000 EXP)
Level 5 Base Attack: 29 (10,000 EXP)
Level 6 Base Attack: 32 (15,000 EXP)
Kirin Blade (麒麟牙)
Kirin Blade (DW4)
Number of Hits: 6
Length: 158 cm (5'2")
Level 7 Base Attack: 41 (21,000 EXP)
Level 8 Base Attack: 44 (28,000 EXP)
Level 9 Base Attack: 47 (36,000 EXP)
Kirin Fang (滅麒麟牙)
Kirin Fang (DW4)
Number of Hits: 6
Length: 171 cm (5'7")
Base Attack: 56

Level 10 Weapon AcquisitionEdit

  • Stage: Battle of Xia Pi
  • Requirements: Playing as Xiahou Dun, wait till the cut scene of the arrow event happens then go defeat Diao Chan.

Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme LegendsEdit

Weapon Information
Kirin Blaze (滅尽麒麟牙)
Kirin Blaze
Base Attack: 50
Hits: 6
Tortoise Amulet: Level 15
Nanman Armor: Level 20
Seven Star Sash: Level 12
Elixir: Level 18

Level 11 Weapon AcquisitionEdit

  • Stage: Skirmish at Xia Pi
  • Requirements: Get 100 KOs, and defeat Cao Xing twice within 10 minutes.
  1. Defeat Cao Xing immediately. He's trying to flee.
  2. Go to the top right corner of the castle via jumping over wooden boxes in the middle river.
  3. Xiahou Dun will say something when he meets with Cao Xing after he re-appears. This needs to be triggered before Yuan Shu arrives.
  4. Get to 100 KOs at the top left corner.

Note: Apparently if you leave the middle river and land on the top left side of the castle, you will lose the weapon. This is one of the most confusing stages. An empirical scoring scheme is as follows: --- completing the stage -> 20 points --- Kill Cao Xing at the beginning -> 20 points --- Talk to Cao Xing when he reappears, before Yuan Shu's reinforcements arrive -> 10 points --- Xiahou Yuan slowing the river -> 10 points --- Within 10 minutes, <49 KOs -> 0 points, 50-99 KOs -> 10 points, 100-149 KOs -> 30 points, >150 KOs ->40 points

Dynasty Warriors 5Edit

Weapon Information
Scimitar (朴刀)
Base Attack: 4
Hits: 4
Great Scimitar (呉鉤)
Base Attack: 8
Hits: 5
Kirin Blade (麒麟牙)
Base Attack: 12
Hits: 6
Kirin Fang (滅麒麟牙)
Base Attack: 36
Hits: 6
Weight: Medium
Horse: 16
Defense: 17
Attack: 17
Musou: 16
Charge: 17

Fourth Weapon AcquisitionEdit

  • Stage: Battle of Fan Castle (Wei)
  • Location: Northeast corner of Guan Yu's base.
  • Requirements: Defeat Guan Ping before the water attack.

Dynasty Warriors 6Edit

Weapon Information
Xiahoudun-dw6weapon1 Xiahoudun-dw6weapon3 Xiahoudun-dw6weapon2
Rock Crusher
Wave Breaker

Dynasty Warriors: StrikeforceEdit

Xiahou Dun uses cudgels as his main weapon in the game.

Dynasty Warriors 7Edit

Xiahou Dun uses the sword as his default weapon in the game. But starting in Xtreme Legends, his new weapon of choice is the podao.

Dynasty Warriors NextEdit

Weapon Information
Podao (朴刀)
Sword - 1st Weapon (DW7)
Base Attack: 30+
Number of Hits: 4~5
Great Scimitar (呉鉤)
Sword - 2nd Weapon (DW7)
Base Attack: 40+
Number of Hits: 5~6
Qilin Blade (麒麟牙)
Podao - 3rd Weapon (DW7XL)
Base Attack: 50+
Number of Hits: 6

Dynasty Warriors 8Edit

Xiahou Dun still uses the podao as his default weapon in this title.

Warriors OrochiEdit

Weapon Information
Scimitar (朴刀)
1st Weapon - Xiahou Dun (WO)
Weapon Level: 1
Base Attack: 10
Great Scimitar (呉鉤)
2nd Weapon - Xiahou Dun (WO)
Weapon Level: 2
Base Attack: 21
Kirin Blade (麒麟牙)
3rd Weapon - Xiahou Dun (WO)
Weapon Level: 3
Base Attack: 42
Kirin Fang (滅麒麟牙)
4th Weapon - Xiahou Dun (WO)
Weapon Level: 4
Base Attack: 84

Warriors Orochi 3Edit

Weapon Information
Cutlass (圧潰刀)
1-Star Weapon - Cutlass
Base Attack: 7
Compatibility Bonus: 7
Rebel's Cutlass (剛圧潰刀)
2-Star Weapon - Rebel&#039;s Cutlass
Base Attack: 10
Compatibility Bonus: 11
Qilin Fang (麒麟牙)
3-Star Weapon - Qilin Fang
Base Attack: 18
Compatibility Bonus: 14
Blade of Darkness (滅麒麟牙)
4-Star Weapon - Blade of Darkness
Base Attack: 30
Compatibility Bonus: 18

Big Star WeaponsEdit

Xiahou Dun uses the following big star weapons in the game.

  • King's Rapier
  • Areus's Sword
  • Amethyst Sword
  • Radiant Sword
  • Lord of Hell
  • Slugger
  • Dandyman (DLC)
  • Patrician Sword (DLC)

Warriors Orochi 3 UltimateEdit

Weapon Information
Blade of Darkness X (真・滅麒麟牙)
4-Star Weapon - Blade of Darkness
Base Attack: 62
Compatibility Bonus: 18
Mystic Fang (麒麟仙牙)
Mystic Weapon - Xiahou Dun (WO3U)
Base Attack: 57
Compatibility Bonus: 18

Acquiring Mystic WeaponEdit

  • Chapter 3: Liberation of Luo Castle - Defeat Yellowbelly and Mōryō in under 5 minutes.
  • Chapter 3: The Swordsmen's Challenge - Defeat Patchnose, Hognose, and Hooknose in under 5 minutes.

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