Battle of Xiakou
Xia Kou
Date Spring 203
Location Xiakou, Jing Province (present-day Hankou, Hubei)
Result Ling Cao is slain and Sun Quan retreats; Gan Ning joins Wu
Sun Quan's Forces Liu Biao's Forces
Sun Quan
Ling Cao
Huang Zu

The Battle of Xiakou (夏口の戦い, rōmaji: Kakō no Tatakai) features a merging of Sun Quan's attacks against Huang Zu along the Chang Jiang in Jing Province. Gan Ning kills Ling Cao, the father of Ling Tong, starting a rivalry between the two once the former joins Wu after the battle.

Role in GamesEdit

Dynasty WarriorsEdit

In Dynasty Warriors 5, players can select either Sun Quan's forces or Huang Zu's forces. With Sun Quan, your main objective is to stop Huang Zu's fleet and then defeat him. This can be achieved by going straight for Cai Mao and Gan Ning. Even if players go with Ling Cao, it is impossible to prevent his death and Ling Tong's subsequent reckless charge. Afterwards, traverse north to Huang Zu. Taking out all Huang Zu's officers outside the fortress should lower his morale, doing so will make him more vulnerable. If players select either Sun Ce or Da Qiao for this stage, then the former will take Sun Quan's place as commander of the Wu Army.

With Huang Zu's forces, players are to tasked protected the fleet and defeat all the generals and sub-generals. Zhou Yu isn't part of them so you won't need to go for him. But leaving Zhou Yu could mean that he meets with Cai Mao's fleet and defends when they land at the camp. After they land, Sun Quan will be no trouble.

Xiakou appears again in Dynasty Warriors 7, using the recycled map of Ruxukou from Dynasty Warriors 6: Special.

Warriors OrochiEdit

During the first half of Wei's storyline, Cao Pi and Mitsunari are given the task of preventing Sun Ce's escape from Xia Kou. The battle begins with players positioned in the south with enemy troops including Naomasa Ii and Cheng Pu impeding their path. Sun Quan, and eventually Da Ji, act as third-party allies for this stage. As players make their way to the northern fortress, they must defeat Ranmaru inside before proceeding to the ports where Sun Ce and Zhou Yu are.

Historical InformationEdit

Romance of the Three KingdomsEdit


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