Battle of Xin Castle
Date 227-228
Location Xincheng Commandery (present-day Fang, Zhuxi, Baokang and Nanzhang counties, Hubei province)
Result Wei surpress rebellion; Meng Da is executed
Meng Da's forces Wei
Meng Da Sima Yi

The Battle of Xin Castle or alternatively known as the Xincheng Rebellion was a conflict between Meng Da, who had recently defected to Shu, and Sima Yi of Wei. Zhuge Liang attempted to collaborate with Meng into making joint attacks to Wei's western provinces, but Sima Yi defeated Meng Da before he could join up with Shu.

In the novel, Xu Huang is also killed in this conflict.

Role in GamesEdit

Dynasty WarriorsEdit

The stage appears in Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends as the Legend mode stage for Sima Yi, Cao Pi, and Xu Huang. As soon as the stage starts, Sima Yi will order the defeat of the enemy generals to convince Meng Da's soldiers to defect. While the Wei forces are attacking Meng Da's generals, reports of Zhuge Liang sending reinforcements will be revealed. Once all four of Meng Da's generals are defeated, Xin Castle's gatekeepers will open the castle, allowing the player to defeat their target. If the Wei forces take too long, Shu reinforcements will begin appearing, and they will delay the defection of the enemy gatekeepers. Should the Shu troops arrive, Sima Yi will order that the access points be taken to keep any more reinforcements from arriving. The victory objective will change to defeating both Zhuge Liang and Meng Da after the former arrives on the battlefield.

Warriors OrochiEdit

In Warriors Orochi 2, the stage appears as the dream mode stage for Dian Wei, Zhou Tai and Ranmaru Mori as the three move to rescue their respective lords against Liu Bei and his Five Tiger Generals.

Historical InformationEdit

Romance of the Three KingdomsEdit

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