Xin Xianying
Xin Xianying (DW9)
Character Information
Force(s): Wei
Weapon Type: Ji
Playable Debut: Dynasty Warriors 9
Historical Information
Real name:
Xīn Xiànyīng
Chinese name:
辛憲英 - 辛宪英

Xin Xianying (onyomi: Shin Ken'ei) is Xin Pi's daughter and Xin Chang's older sister. Known for her austerity and foresight, she often provided her family with helpful advice in times of crisis.

Before her playable Dynasty Warriors appearance, she was a generic officer with a unique portrait in Shin Sangoku Musou Blast.

Role in GamesEdit

She first appears as a recruitable character in the eleventh Romance of the Three Kingdoms installment. Available during the last three scenarios, she distinguish herself among the female cast with very high INT and POL along with good CHR. Her abilities as a warrior are lacking, but she has high aptitude with weaponry and has average LDR, in this case she can function as a decent commander. Her personal skill, along with her high INT makes her a worthy addition to any army.

Character InformationEdit

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Shino Shimoji - Dynasty Warriors 9

Historical InformationEdit

A native of Longxi County, Gansu, Xin Xianying was an intelligent girl who spent most of her time studying at a young age. She married the affluent Yang Dan upon turning sixteen. The Shiyu describes her as a stern and opinionated woman with a keen sense of awareness. When Cao Pi became emperor, she criticized his lack of dignity upon ascending the throne, believing his reign would not prosper. Her words were proven true as Cao Pi's rule was marred with internal strife.

During Shu's Northern Campaign against Wei in 234, Zhuge Liang taunted Sima Yi into attacking him by sending the latter women's clothes. Xin Pi humorously shared this story with his daughter who replied, "The army determines the fate of a nation, nobody can afford to joke over that. Fighting the enemy because of anger often leads to unexpected losses, it is something we should avoid." Grateful for his daughter's wisdom, he contacted Cao Rui afterwards and convinced him to have Sima Yi defend the main camp instead. As a result, Zhuge Liang died one month later.

Like Wang Yuanji, she also viewed Zhong Hui with suspicion and confided in Yang Hu, "Zhong Hui is a person who does his actions on his own accord and will one day be someone who cannot serve under another." She then told her nephew to avoid him at all costs. Xin Xianying became worried when her son Yang Xiu was appointed as Zhong Hui's aid. She implored him to remain loyal and benevolent while on duty. Her advice kept him alive when Zhong Hui rebelled against the Sima family.

Romance of the Three KingdomsEdit

Romance of the Three Kingdoms has her appear in chapter 107, repeating her historical advice to her brother during the Incident at Gaoping Tombs with an accusing tone. The impact he received from her consolation was lessened due to his fictional change of character.


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