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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Xun Yu.

Dynasty Warriors 8: EmpiresEdit

  • "I expected more out of an officer."
  • "This territory now belongs to me."
  • "Our chance to strike back has arrived. Let us not waste this opportunity."
  • "We are in dire circumstances indeed... I can only hope we survive this battle."
  • "The enemy clearly has the upper-hand... However, we cannot let them crush our spirits."
  • "I fear we won't be able to hold out much longer... We must decide what to do."
  • "I must leave the battle now, but I shall return later."
  • "I cannot believe my life is ending now..."
  • "We will be charging at the enemy's position. Is everyone ready?"
  • "We must defend this position with our lives if necessary."
  • "The enemy was much stronger than anticipated. We must withdraw momentarily."
  • "I will never be able to fulfill my dreams here."
  • "I have come to assist you."
  • "I have become more familiar with the enemy's tactics. I shall lead us all to victory."
  • "I cannot believe I have fallen for the enemy's treachery."
  • "I must apologize for attacking you so abruptly."
  • "We have been ambushed... I must do something to prevent everyone from panicking."
  • "I have been waiting for you. Pardon me for not notifying you sooner of this."
  • "We must capture that position. I'm relying on everyone to do their best here."
  • "this position is too valuable to lose. I shall stand guard here."
  • "We seem to have the upper-hand. Let us conclude this battle quickly."
  • "Yes. I am aware that we are at a disadvantage. I must find a way to win this battle..."
  • "Our friends are in trouble. We shall head over to assist them."
  • "We cannot allow ourselves to fall behind."
  • "Your defection is sure to be a problem for us... You must be dealt with now."
  • "All units, I order you to advance."
  • "All units, I order you to defend your positions."
  • "All units, I am allowing you to engage at will."
  • "Keep an eye on the enemy while I go prepare our strategem."
  • "A fine plan of attack by the enemy, but ours is much better."
  • "They have prevented our strategem from succeeding... All hope is lost..."
  • "The enemy is too powerful... There is nothing we can do at this point."
  • "There is no chance for me to win this battle without your help. Will you lend me a hand?"
  • "You are a genius when it comes to battle. May I remain close so that I may learn from you?"
  • "You are truly a gifted warrior. It is an honor to fight alongside you."
  • "I will not be able to continue without your skills. Will you accompany me?"
  • "This such an embarrassing moment. I am grateful for your assistance."
  • "May I join you? I would very much like to observe you up close."
  • "You fight magnificently. There is no one who surpasses you."
  • "I shall lead this attack. Do you mind accompanying me?"
  • "Understood."
  • "Very well."
  • "That nameless warrior is amazing. I've never seen such skill."
  • "I would prefer you go over there."
  • "That enemy is a nuisance and must be stopped. Someone please deal with that officer."
  • "It is a pleasure to meet you. Would you mind being my sparring partner?"
  • "I cannot afford to lose this battle. That would disappoint many people."
  • "Nothing makes me happier than to face you as my enemy."
  • "Such a gifted officer should be fighting on our side, not theirs."
  • "This battle will be easily won with you by my side."
  • "Would it trouble you to provide me with some assistance?"
  • "You saved me. I am eternally grateful for your assistance."
  • "Please use this. I'm sure it will make you feel better."
  • "I must prevent you from passing through here, even if it means my life."

Empires ModeEdit

  • "If you will have me, then I promise to use everything at my disposal to support you and your cause."
  • "I must give everything I have in order to unite this fractured land."
  • "This is the best way to bring an end to the chaos. As such, I must be willing to remove every last vestige of doubt within me."
  • "No matter how much talen you may have, I do not trust those people whose intentions I cannot discern."
  • "Allow me to lure the enemy out. You remain someplace safe."
  • "This world of chaos is almost at an end. Let us take these final steps together."
  • "May I have a small moment of your time? There is something i wish to tell you."
  • "Meeting you, and now becoming your sworn brother, has made me so happy."
  • "What do you think of these terms we have prepared? We would be most appreciative if you are able to agree to their content..."
  • "I thank you for making the correct choice."
  • "Is that so... It is unfortunate, but I suppose it cannot be helped."
  • "I have come here in hopes of making a deal with you. What do you think of these terms we have prepared?"
  • "Yes, that will be fine."
  • "Having been alongside you for so long, I'm now sure of it. You are the only person I will ever love."
  • "I hope you'll accept my feelings for you. Tell me what you think the next time we meet."
  • "I now vow to place everything on the line, and love you forever."
  • "I find my heart is at ease when I am with you. I look forward to continuing to spend many years by your side."
  • "You have been born at last, my child. I must hurry to rid the land of this chaos that plagues it."

Kessen IIEdit

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